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Kaguya-sama: Love Is War — The First Kiss That Never Ends Movie Review

A more serious entry in the franchise. Kaguya is troubled.
Miyuki Shirogane does his best Light Yagami from Death Note impression. Except he’s not obsessing about becoming The God of the New World, merely The Boyfriend of Kaguya Shinomiya.
Yu and Chika play only fairly minor roles in this film.
From the end of season 3 — finally a kiss! In places hilariously censored Ex-Arm style!
Miyuki’s worst nightmare.
Kaguya-chan slaps away Chika’s overpowering boobs, even in her mentally-deficient state she can’t prevent her feelings from shining through
When Kaguya removes her hair ribbon, the ambient temperature suddenly plummets below freezing.
Chibi Kaguya-chan in the dock. They’re mean to her. Love the flower, though.
Hayasaka and Kaguya make for a hilarious double-act
Opening song
Ending song
I’d like one of these to take home, please.



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