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Katsuhiro Otomo Retrospective: Spriggan

Prepare to be transfixed by All The Pretty Explosions
One of the very first attempts at a regular manga anthology in the West, I have fond memories of this comic, along with Viz’s co-existing Pulp Magazine (2008–2002)
Although I was sad that Manga Vizion ended, it was quickly replaced by Animerica Extra, which continued Steam Detectives, introduced me to Revolutionary Girl Utena, Fushigi Yugi and Video Girl Ai. Overall, it was a much better anthology.
I used to have a massive poster of this image on my bedroom wall, mainly to horrify my grandmother whenever she visited.
A scan of the US DVD cover, probably your only chance of watching this film currently.
Yu Ominae — normal Japanese High School Student by day.
…and unhinged Murderboi by night.
Frenchman Jean has A Big Gun. The ladies love him. So does Requiem. Someone may need to tell his wife.
I has muscle.
This is from a particularly jolly scene where Yu’s classmate blows up. They omit this from the Netflix version, likely because it never happened in the manga.
Grey psychic tentacle kid! Where’s Kaneda and his motorcycle when you need him?
I’m sure this chap was one of the bad guys from Centurions.
Stereotypical high-pitched, cackling, goggle-eyed anime henchman. This trope needs to die right now.
Skeletal dinosaurs randomly appear!
Jean blows some shit up. Just the way Requiem likes it.
The Earth endures for now… Though doesn’t it look like much of the Northern Hemisphere is caked in ice? A new ice age? Was this deliberate??



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