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Kizumonogatari: Nekketsu Collector’s Edition Review: In which Doctorkev discovers Baseball-throwing is an adequate defence against rampaging vampires with swords for arms.

KAMEHAMEHA!!! Eh… What? Wrong anime?
Oops. Both my arms appear to have fallen off. This keeps happening to me.
Tsubasa Hanekawa’s heaving bosoms are obviously present and correct, lovingly animated with convincing heft…
A Shinobu-ified Kiss-shot (before she identifies as Shinobu)
Yeah, this totally looks like a fair fight.
If this sharply-limbed chap came after me on a dark, wet night, I’d run like hell too.
And here’s this season’s lounge jacket and oversized cross accessory, coming to a Hot Topic near you.
Let’s just say Mr Episode is a few pints short of a full blood drive…
Guillotine Cutter is either winking at you, or he has a bad Bell’s Palsy.
Um… So if someone could explain to me what the hell is going on here, I’d be eternally grateful.
The reason for Hanekawa’s interest in Araragi becomes abundantly clear.
There’s definitely an air of “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” to this movie.
I felt really bad for her in this scene as she moves from initial confusion to the point where you can see her heart breaking.
Deathly Pale is not a great shade on you, Tsubasa honey.
STEP 1: Completely dislocate jaw.
STEP 2: Insert missing body part completely, chew and then swallow.
Awww isn’t her little sleepy face so kewt?
The kind of vampire you could take home to see your parents
Contents of the Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Box Set. Single disc, booklet and postcards.
Kiss-shot has a very… special way of retrieving repressed memories. Make sure you don’t forget to return to read my part 3 review soon, or I might send her to helpfully rearrange your brain!



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