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Kizumonogatari: Reiketsu Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Review: In which Doctorkev discovers blood-drenched slapstick is the best slapstick.

Kiss-shot in her bat form. Now she’s fully grown, awake… and hungry. Also she appears to have anti-gravity hair. Or incredibly powerful hairspray.
Meme Oshino always knows far more than he lets on.
Could you resist such an invitation from her?
With Kiss-shot’s reminiscence, the art style and colour scheme completely changes. I love this artwork.
Such happy laughter, she can’t be all that bad… right?
They’re like the best of buddies and you can see why Araragi might be tempted by her offer…
Fate of Guillotinecutter revealed! Tsk, tsk. Kiss-shot is such a messy eater.
Totally oblivious to Araragi’s horror. Also desperately in need of a napkin.
The next evolution of Hanekawa and Araragi’s relationship. That’s not normally what people think of when they talk about teens eating each other’s faces off though.
Maybe they should have changed the title of this movie to “Hanekawa — the Lewdening”
This creeps other folks out, right? It’s not just me?
No, Araragi, it is not acceptable to pressure girls into saying such things.
And thank God for that. Though it’s hard to say whether she’s pissed off at the humiliation, or whether she’s just a little disappointed that Araragi chickened out at the end…
Maybe he’s not a completely irredeemable lost cause after all…
Contestants… Rrrrready?
Gladiators… Rrrrready?
3… 2… 1… Figh… WTF?
How to get ahead in business… Vampire Style. It’s the insane grin that really gets me.
That’s certainly one way to get close to a woman’s chest, I suppose.
Lost anything important lately, Araragi?
This is not a normal reaction to being drained of blood
She clearly doesn’t know Araragi that well…
Kiss-shot’s last moments. The look of horror on her face helps to sell the pathos of her situation.
Kiss-shot no more. Just… Shinobu.
Contents of the collector’s box — single Blu-ray, booklet and 4 postcards



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