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Kizumonogatari: Tekketsu Collector’s Edition Review: In which Doctorkev considers if he would sacrifice his life for a pretty vampire. SPOILER: No.

Immortal vampire Kiss-shot Acerola-orion Heart-under-blade would like to tearfully apologise for this film’s repeatedly delayed release.
Tsubasa Hanekawa’s first chronological appearance… top half.
… And her bottom half. Obviously.
Araragi is the very image of teenage sexual frustration.
His encounter with Hanekawa arouses him so much, Araragi sprints straight to the newsagent (leaving a very cartoonish Araragi-shaped hole in the wall) in order to procure material for… personal relief.
If you ever find yourself in a subway station that looks like this, don’t be like Araragi — just run away.
Nice definition on those triceps and biceps, dear. I’m sure there’s a less gory way to display them, though.
Could you refuse this angelic (evil vampire) being’s request? Oh look, she’s so sad. It’s only a few pints of blood. Surely you don’t need all of it?
Yes, this is a totally normal response to what you’ve just witnessed. Should have done that earlier, Araragi.
Nom nom nom. That’s better. Even if you do taste of Pervert, Araragi.
Waking up suddenly on a random floor in an unfamiliar building after a heavy night. We can all relate, right?
Uh… That’s not good.
Even less good! Need… sunscreen…
Kiddie-fied vampire girl bursts into flames herself to save Araragi
Headpats??? L-l-l-lewd. Ban this filth!
That’s one grumpy looking guy
And another grumpy-looking guy
Oshino thankfully can muster a smile
Compensating for something, or just following the Nicholas D. Wolfwood School of Weaponry?
Contents of the Collector’s Edition: Nice cardboard box, some art cards, informative book, single disc.



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