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Makoto Shinkai Retrospective: Voices of a Distant Star

UN pilot Mikako in her mech, wearing standard issue middle school uniform… Eh?
Teenage couples and clouds… Shinkai’ s specialities
2003 UK DVD cover
Mikako and Noboru
Olympus Mons, as seen by Mikako.
An abandoned Tharsian colony in a Martian caldera.
Noboru waits for a message that may never arrive.
Mikako’s tears at the edge of space…
What gorgeous use of colour.
Shameless Shinkai Sky Porn
An alien city.
Japanese cover for the never-translated first novel adaptation.
English translated manga cover.
This is the second novel adaptation, English translation.
Teenage phone obsession — the novel. Perhaps give the book version a miss.
The cockpit of a mecha, many light years from home, is a lonely place.
A reminder that we’re all very, very small, and that our worries are dwarfed by the magnitude of the universe around us. Who’s ready for a huge dose of crippling existential angst?



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