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Monogatari Final Season: Owarimonogatari Part 2 Review: In Which Doctorkev is Glad Never to Have Been Hunted By His Wife’s Undead Ex

Shinobu in serious mode. Someone must have eaten her donuts.
This is a good story for all you Izuko Gaen fans out there, all three of you, you weirdos.
Oh god, she’s in his house. There’s no escape!
I’m not sure that’s entirely true…
Seishirou Shishirui — I’m not sure if we ever saw this guy’s face before.
Why, only what you’ve told us dear.
Araragi during a pensive moment.
Choose your words carefully, Araragi dear, your girlfriend might be listening.
There is absolutely no good reason for Kanbaru to contort into this position, though she has plenty of bad reasons instead!
At least she’s very flexible.
Decline, Araragi, if you want to live!
Armour guy.
Ononoki’s definitely one of my favourite characters. Her deadpan expression is in stark contrast to her whimsical design.
I hope Araragi isn’t getting excited by a little dead girl’s foot smooshing his face.
I find Gaen’s whole manner to be unsettling.
Uh-oh, here comes Episode again, this time he’s working for Gaen, because of course he is.
Shinobu favours emotional suppression.
Kanbaru’s having none of it.
Seishirou is very direct in his negotiation.
It’s a valid question.
Araragi’s nothing if not consistent. Sigh.
Shinobu finally accepts her feelings.
You can’t live for over half a millennia and not accrue some crippling regrets.
That’s… kind of ominous.
Another valid question.
Bathed in light, Shinobu is even more striking than usual.
Kanbaru waves you goodbye. Come again soon!



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