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Muv-Luv Extra, Unlimited and Alternative Review: They Made Me Do It.

This is a stunning VN — maybe one day I’ll write about it.
Rumbling Hearts — Muv-Luv’s precursor.
Muv-Luv Extra — girls girls girls! Strangely angular hair though…
Schwarzesmarken. Hang on, that doesn’t look like a romantic comedy spinoff…?!
Sumika peels back the covers to find something unthinkable in Takeru’s bed (and it’s not his porn collection).
Takeru bursts in on Sumika on the toilet, I mean why not? It’s a romantic “comedy”.
Meiya is definitely a highlight, though her staggeringly long pony-tail and hair tie are wildly impractical. Also strong hair-vent game.
I don’t know why she has a huge bell around her neck, nor why she sports a pink tail. She merely is cat-girl. Her hair in this image has been dangerously de-rigidified. Normally it’s much more insanely angular.
There’s a reality in which Takeru Shirogane, irrepressible chad, screws every one of these (even his teacher).
Just normal eveningwear for a typical VN romantic comedy date. With a gargantuan metal mecha.
You’re in the army now, girls. Mostly because all the men are dead as doornails.
Bizarre comedy/horny moments abound despite the more serious setting.
So in the uncensored version (censored version above), the military uniforms appear to be made out of transparent cling-film, so every female’s nipples are on full display. Yeah. The game even tries to claim this is deliberate, a way to get teammates to break down interpersonal barriers by removing shame… Not a way to market the game to horny weebs, nope, not at all.
Hungry Kei grabs a snakeout.
Kasumi demonstrates the traditional behaviour expected on National Hug A Disembodied Brain In A Jar Day. I’ve no idea why she wears bunny-ear-reminiscent headgear, nor why she has a pom-pom on her arse.
Ooh, who wants to take advantage of another drunk teacher? Muv-Luv clearly knows something about its audience.
Tama will snipe you from 3,540 metres if you attempt to read spoilers. She won’t miss.
Nom nom nom nom nom. You can see how Attack On Titan’s creator was inspired by these chompy-chompy abominations to create his own people-munching horrors.
WTF is that? It’s not cute or funny!
Aaarrrggghhh they’re getting worse, please stop…
Is this really Sumika…? The answer isn’t as straightforward as you might think.
A bloodied Kei gets ready to Fuck Some Shit Up.
Despite spending so much time with them, sorry but I can’t name all of these characters.
Haruka Suzumiya (main heroine of Kimi ga Nozomu Eien) and her sister Akane (side heroine of Kimi ga Nozomu Eien and main heroine of Akane Maniax) have particularly prominent roles compared to some of the other newly-added “old” characters.
Sumika shows that it’s ok to cry. In fact if you don’t, you’re some kind of monster.
Takeru and this version of Meiya get… uh… “closely acquainted”. Little does he know his memory of this incident will almost trigger the end of the world… (The uncensored images of this scene are far more detailed and exhaustive (and exhausting-looking) than in the Vita version…)
Oh bless, doesn’t The Day After look like just another delightful little romantic comedy?
“No other VN will make you suffer like I have!” growls Demon Sumika.



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