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Revolutionary Girl Utena The Movie: Adolescence Of Utena Blu-ray Review

Note: the images for this review were captured from Funimation’s streaming platform because that’s a lot less hassle than attempting to get screencaps from blu-rays, hindered by their punishingly restrictive PC player software
Anthy looks a little different — now she’s the one who routinely wears her hair long.
Utena has a new haircut — though her hair tends to randomly grow back during certain sequences.
The Duelling Arena is very high up, not good for prospective duelists suffering from acrophobia or agoraphobia.
Touga — always condescending.
“I know we’ve only just met, but let’s jump into bed together.”
This version of Anthy is an irrepressible flirt.
So Miki and his sister Kozue still appear to have an odd relationship, naked bathing together as teenagers, shaving each other, threatening each other with death… you know, the usual teenage sibling things.
Touga has terrible taste in women. We also hear more about his tragic backstory here, which as far as I know is also canon to the TV show.
Utena says goodbye to a drowning-once-more Touga
Akio up to his old tricks
Poor Nanami… MOOOOOOOO indeed
The weird transformation sequence soundtrack includes a welcome throwback to the insane “Absolute Destiny Apocalypse” song that played so many times in the show
This is some kind of weird Puberty metaphor, right?
Shadow Girl Control Centre — perhaps they were the true antagonists all along? Nah.
Akio is full of shit, as usual.
They couldn’t exactly get away with this in the TV show, could they? There’s still a peculiar absence of nipples, but considering that the characters are canonically 14 years old, I think we can forgive this exclusion.
The most beautiful scene in the film
Friends on the Wakaba-car.
The movie is only available on blu-ray as part of the colector’s edition that includes the final 2 story arcs from the TV series. It is excellent value.
Thank God that’s over — it’s taken almost 3 months to parse my thoughts regarding this film, but this is a nice image to say goodbye.



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