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That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime the Movie: Scarlet Bond: Review

Rimuru and his AI/magical second brain/all-powerful plot contrivance fixes the world’s problems.
Previously unmentioned childhood friends of Temporary Plot Importance!
Rimuru goes Full Demon Lord.
Hiiro has a broken horn because He’s Seen Some Shit.
Queen Towa, Rimuru, various ogres.
You can tell he’s evil, the glowing red eyes give it away. You’d think bad guys would find a way around this, wouldn’t you?
Someone didn’t eat a filling enough breakfast, no wonder they’re grumpy.
The very small, but very pretty country of Raja.
Sad Queen Towa and Rimuru.
Shion’s heaving bosoms probably deserve their own movie at this point.



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Physician. Obsessed with anime, manga, comic-books. Husband and father. Christian. Fascinated by tensions between modern culture and traditional faith. Bit odd.