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The 10 New Anime of Spring 2022 You Should Be Watching

The birds are singing, the sun is shining; Kongming is vibing, golf girls are BLUE BULLETing — it must be time for another season of anime! With a new leader at the helm, our thriving community of anime aficionados have brought you the finest selection of springtime anime perfect for patio season and cozy nights in alike. Idols, spies, beheadings, golf, romance: this season has it all! Read on for our recommendations of the shows you should be watching this Spring 2022 season!

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For new readers, this article is a result of weeks of debate and discussion amongst AniTAY authors from all around the world. This list is what we consider the cream of the crop, the icing on the cake, the Anya of the Forgers of anime this season. You may not like every show we chose, but I guarantee that this list has something you’ll be interested in checking out! Here are some notes before we jump in:

1)As always, we have omitted continuing shows and sequels. This list is only for new anime this season. Check out our Spring 2022 sequel guide for that information:

2) Only shows available for legal streaming are considered. Netflix has complicated what this means, but limited-availability shows like Netflix originals are fair game for our list.

3) Each entry contains a “where to watch” section, but keep in mind that we base our listings on United States availability.

Now, without further ado, I am very proud to present our official AniTAY recommendations for Spring 2022!

Aharen-san is Indecipherable

Written by: Requiem

Genre(s): Comedy, Romance(?), Deadpan Slapstick

Where to Watch: Crunchyroll

Spoiler-Free Synopsis: Starting his first year of high school, all Raidou wants to do is make some friends. He figures the best place to start is with the student who sits next to him in homeroom, Aharen Reina. Unfortunately, Aharen-san is kind of, well…odd. She is extremely quiet, has no perception of personal space, and is nearly impossible to read. This would be a real problem… if Raidou wasn’t such an oddball himself! A weird but charming friendship is forged.

Why You Should Be Watching: Another season, another chance to try and recommend a comedy show by explaining why it’s funny. Ah, the nuanced vagaries of laughter.

Make no mistake, the #1 reason Aharen-san is recommended is because it’s funny. Really, really, uproariously funny. It’s a show with one joke executed in dozens of different ways: one character sees another character do something, then misunderstands the situation to ridiculous degrees and takes even more ridiculous (and, again, hilarious) actions. For example, trying to fix communication issues by using “bone conduction”, resulting in multiple flying headbutts, or having all discussion in the form of rap battles.

What makes the humor so effective? For one, it’s the complete deadpan nature of the delivery. In a lot of shows you would get one character acting odd or silly and the other would be the “straight man” and overreact to ‘comedic’ effect, i.e the typical manzai act. Not in this show — here both Raidou and Aharen play it straight, at least outwardly. They do all their shenanigans with a straight face and a very endearing sincerity that adds extra depth to the jokes. Another strong point is they don’t drag the bits out. A wise man once said “brevity is the soul of wit”, and we certainly see that here with episodes broken into multiple skits that allow the jokes to hit without being run into the ground.

But there’s more! Aharen-san has more going for it than just silly sketch humor. There’s a real underlying sweetness to the story and the interactions between our main characters; two people who long for connection with their peers but who struggle to communicate it effectively. Their antics are amusing comedic bits, yes, but also a tale of two people supporting each other to improve the lives of both. It’s sweet enough to hurt your teeth, really.

So, Aharen-san Is Indecipherable. Come for the high quality comedic hijinks, stay for the pleasant emotional undercurrent. You’re gonna like the way you laugh, we guarantee it*.

*Guarantee Not Legally Enforceable

Recommended by: Alistair Hyde, Arcane, Gugsy, Reikaze, Requiem, Tenshigami, TheMamaLuigi, umrguy42, Viking

Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story

Written by: Alistair Hyde

Genre(s): Sports

Where to Watch: Crunchyroll

Spoiler-free Synopsis: This series follows the journey of Eve, the “Rainbow Bullet”, a golfer and hustler that uses her skills to earn a living by betting and winning against various opponents of the underground golf scene. After finishing one of her encounters, she meets Aoi, the “Innocent Tyrant,” Amawashi, a golf prodigy that came to the country of Nafrece to enter a golf tournament. After a friendly match, both become intrigued with each other’s approach to the game and make a promise to battle again.

Why You Should Be Watching: Birdie Wing develops a rivalry between cute girls in a world with background coded with elements such as class warfare, migration affairs, and criminal activity.

Eve and Aoi embody opposite perspectives about the sport: an aggressive and risk-taking approach proper of a desperate underdog fighting to get out of a difficult situation and a steady playstyle developed by an enthusiast able to rich full potential by simply playing the game. Both also represent opposing, yet familiar, archetypes that are mortal enemies in sports anime: natural-born talent and proficiency developed through practice.

It portrays every aspect of the game and the world itself exaggeratedly to keep the audience entertained, and it works. The surrealism behind watching teenagers sponsored by corporations and criminal shell companies alike to participate and win a tournament, the news coverage behind Aoi’s achievements as an under-15 golfer, and the idea that illegal businesses are decided by who wins a golf game are all exquisitely ridiculous. In addition, it is a reminder of the legacy left behind by Yu-Gi-Oh, where a single game is the cause and solution of all the superficially exposed problems of real life, like corruption inside the government to build a casino for a certain group of mobsters.

The futurist tendencies in using virtual reality equipment to play golf online inside an internet café and the use of members’ prosthetics by athletes to perform their abilities to the fullest borders on absurd. It makes the viewer think this is a utopian version of a technologically advanced country inside the European Union, but said absurdity develops in a way that makes it memorable.

The anime executes these elements in a delightful way to make things more attractive than they are and keep the attention of the audience by acknowledging the silliness of Eve, as a character that screams her unique techniques, through the impressions this trade gives to her opponents.

Even the melodrama in the plot feels organic and reliable compared to what other sports anime show to build tension between characters, which often ends up being corny or cringe-worthy like a soft opera.

Although this anime will not make me try to learn to play golf, I will not deny that it is a blast with memorable references to Gundam and Pac-Man courtesy of Bandai Namco.

Recommended by: Alistair Hyde, Arcane, Dark Aether, Doctorkev, Kinksy, Requiem, TheMamaLuigi

Dance Dance Danseur

Written by: Arcane

Genres: Slice of Life, Music, Drama

Where to Watch: Crunchyroll

Spoiler-Free Synopsis: As a child, Junpei held a deep fascination with ballet and body movement. After the passing of his father, Junpei decided to take his interest in a more masculine direction, swapping ballet for martial arts and joining a group of delinquents posing as the school’s soccer team. When a new transfer student arrives and mentions that her mother runs a ballet studio, Junpei finds himself drawn back to the art of dance.

Why You Should Watch: To reiterate what TGRIP said in his First Impressions piece, I am absolutely shocked that a MAPPA series is flying so far under the radar, but here we are.

Dance Dance Danseur takes a beautiful, new approach to its use of ordinary shounen tropes to weave a story about challenging oneself to be genuine. Where our protagonist begins the story fully fitting in with his chosen (sucky) friends pursuing “manly” interests, DDD leads him through a journey of self-actualization and glorious himbo vibes. A lesser show would have taken the High School Musical route and made the female lead his love interest, but instead Junpei’s motivations come from within himself.

He wants to dance, he doesn’t like the way his friends treat people outside the norm, and all it takes for him is opportunity and inspiration to start to rebel against the system he’s embraced, and then rebel against the new one he pushes himself into. What DDD presents is not a story of Junpei breaking the status quo only to become a compliant ballet dancer but someone challenging the very standards he’s being held to and pulling everyone around him into this journey.

Of course, one of the fun parts here is that Junpei is mostly unaware of this; he unconsciously drags his friends (and rivals) kicking and screaming into doing something crazy. He’s a beautifully-realized character that doesn’t know what he wants but seems intent on getting there regardless, even if he has to correct some of his own mistakes along the way.

It helps that the show is exceptionally well-directed. The long, thin proportions of the characters make perfect sense once you see them start to dance, and the camera work during these dances is so good you may not realize how much of it is accomplished with CGI. The performance sequence in episode five is one of the most jaw-dropping things I’ve ever seen in anime, and it’s not even because it’s made with movie-level animation but purely because of the lighting and photography.

It’s a shame that nobody seems to be noticing this show, but it’s at least got good company at the bottom of the popularity charts with Love Live! Nijigasaki, Demon Girl Next Door, and Birdie Wing. But I do think it deserves better.

Recommended by: Arcane, Marquan, TGRIP

The Executioner and Her Way of Life

Written By: Reikaze

Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Yuri

Where to Watch: HIDIVE

Spoiler-free Synopsis: Isekai is a tried and true trope, but what are the repercussions of having people from our world come (often en masse) into another world? In The Executioner and Her Way of Life, when people from Japan called “Lost Ones” are isekai’d, they gain powers called “Pure Concepts” which wreak havoc on the world. The Executioner and Her Way of Life follows the executioner Menou’s journey to kill one of these lost ones, Akari.

Why You Should be Watching: One would assume that adding murder to a tried and true genre would make it much more interesting — and that assumption is correct: the premise of Executioner, where isekai’d people are treated as weapons of mass destruction that need eliminating, is unique, fascinating and compelling. One area where this really shines is the show’s world-building, feeling both unique and establishing a great sense of adventure that is surprisingly hard to come by in isekai shows.

Executioner comes at you fast, filled with a ton of action and twists that change the whole dynamic of the show in a second. There’s very few dull moments, and while it at times feels messy and convoluted, the show keeps everything in line and ties itself together in ways that feel almost impossible.

The biggest draw of the show, however, and the place where the show prioritizes itself, are Menou and Akari, our two leads. Executioner is a very character-driven show, so it really helps that the characters are compelling: both Menou and Akari are likable, enjoyable characters with well-developed backstories and personalities. If you’re a sucker for romances and yuri in particular you’ll enjoy their relationship straight up, but there’s so much more to their dynamics than a normal “romance”. Their dynamics stem from their hidden secrets and veiled identities, adding a whole other layer to the show that sold me even further. They each hold secrets that the plot constantly plays on, and both sides acknowledge the other’s secrets without the strength to confront them directly. As Menou grows more and more attached to Akari, it affects her actions and drives the plot in engaging and interesting ways. The rest of the cast is likable and interesting, too: even characters that show up for only a few episodes get backstory and development. Its attention to detail, thrilling pace, and fascinating premise make Executioner both something special and an easy recommendation.

Recommended By: Alistair Hyde, Arcane, Doctorkev, Gugsy, Kinksy, Marquan, Reikaze, TGRIP, Tenshigami, TheMamaLuigi, Viking

Heroines Run The Show

Written by: TGRIP

Genre(s): Highschool/workplace comedy and light drama, coming of age

Where to Watch: Crunchyroll

Spoiler-Free Synopsis: High-schooler Hiyori Suzumi has left her hometown to pursue her passion in track and field. She has hit the ground running, not only learning what it means to go to a completely new school, but also living in a city that’s a far cry from the small town she came from. She also lands a job interview, only to quickly realize she might’ve bitten off more than she can chew as she’s assigned to be the manager-in-training for a pop idol duo “LIPxLIP”. While the lead stars Aizo Shibasaki and Yujiro Someya are popular in and out of costume, behind closed doors they can barely stand each other. Topping things off, the three of them all go to the same class, in the same school. What follows is Hiyori learning not just the ropes of her new profession, but how to navigate a social life that often ends up blending into her work life.

Why You Should Be Watching: While this show’s premise might not be what you’d expect, Heroines Run the Show is a well-sorted series about a highschooler trying to find a good work-life balance while learning to enjoy both. If you come into this show expecting the usual antics associated with idol shows or cute girls doing cute things, you might walk away disappointed. But if you meet this series on its own terms and expect something a bit more down to earth, you’ll be treated to one of the more quietly rewarding shows this season. Sure, there are some familiar antics about high school life, but it’s the other aspects of Hiyori’s life that make this show worth it.

Hiyori has a slow-burn charm to her: she grows on you and the other characters as the show goes on. Even though her japanese VA is a bit miscast in that she sounds younger than a high-schooler should (an issue that’s remedied by the solid dub), Hiyori’s can-do attitude is what allows her to carry this show. Even when she knows she’s in over her head, she doesn’t allow anything to trip her up. She genuinely wants to be good at this job, so much so that she not only learns the appeal of idols, but even starts to win over the initially unimpressed LIPxLIP. We also get to see her build up a social life from scratch, which is refreshing in how “mundane” it feels.

Hiyori makes friends, studies for tests, and runs track, but here it just feels normal, unlike so many other anime that make high school out to be The Most Important Time of Your Life. Heroines’ other best quality is its tone, where it knows personal issues matter to its characters, but it never takes itself too seriously. The rest of the cast is well-rounded too; while I won’t say any of these characters are deep, per se, they are distinct from one another, and effort has been made to make them more than just their archetypes. Topping things up with solid animation and excellent pacing, if you want a show that’s surprisingly out of the usual wheelhouse, I highly recommend giving Heroines Run the Show a shot.

Recommended by: Arcane, TGRIP

Kotaro Lives Alone

Written by: TGRIP

Genre(s): Slice of life

Where to Watch: Netflix

Spoiler-Free Synopsis: Ages after showing his prowess, manga artist Shin Karino is currently alone and unemployed, scraping by on prize money he won for his past work. His monotony is interrupted by the arrival of Kotaro Sato, a very serious and blunt four-year-old who moves into the apartment next door to Shin. Acknowledging the oddness of a preschooler living by himself (although Kotaro does receive outside money to support himself), Shin and the other quirky residents of the apartment complex take it on themselves to provide a good home to and help support the young child.

Why You Should Be Watching: Because despite the… less-than-impressive animation, this is still a darn good slice of life series about finding family while learning to take care of yourself and others when your support network is less than ideal. Now, normally I wouldn’t bring attention to a show when it has animation that isn’t one of its selling points, but given how much of the discourse around Kotaro concerns its looks, I would like to remind viewers that there have been plenty of times when an anime looks astonishing, only for the writing, direction, voice acting, etc. to let it down. Conversely, there are rare shows that can look a bit meh, but are backed up by everything else that goes into them, and Kotaro is definitely one of those cases. And it’s a slice of life series; if you had to pick a genre where great animation isn’t necessary, it’d best be this instead of, say, an action series.

This show might remind you of Rilakkuma and Kaoru, another Netflix slice of life anime (and another show I highly recommend), and while the two do share a found-family based around apartment life, it must be said that Kotaro’s background and tone is a bit more somber. The titular character comes from a broken family, and the rest of the cast all have personal baggage, but that is what gives this series its charm. Kotaro Lives Alone is down-to-earth and self-aware in a way that can catch you off guard, but that is what makes it land so well. The cast all know that a four-year-old living on his own is strange, but there’s no judgment, and they still do the best they can to be good neighbors to him and help him out with his personal accommodations. And they do the same for each other, such as Mizuki, another apartment resident who works as a hostess, but is also trying to get away from an abusive ex. Everyone acknowledges it, and even though there isn’t an easy answer, they work towards one.

There are prettier shows out there, there are even cozier shows out there… but Kotaro is in a league of its own as something that isn’t all that sweet but still makes you feel warm inside.

Recommended by: Alistair Hyde, Arcane, Dark Aether, Doctorkev, Marquan, TGRIP

Love After World Domination

Written by: Doctorkev

Genre(s): Super Sentai, Romance, Comedy

Where to Watch: Crunchyroll

Spoiler-free Synopsis: Fudo Aikawa is a straight-laced, hardworking high school student who works part time as Red Gelato, one of the Power Rangers-esque “Gelato 5”, a superhero quintet charged with protecting the world from evil organisations. Unbeknownst to his teammates, Fudo has recently started dating the incredibly cute Desumi Magahara, love of his life, and who is unfortunately the high-ranking “Reaper Princess” who fights for Gelato 5’s arch rivals “Secret Society Gekko”. Can Fudo and Desumi progress their relationship in secret via stolen moments, or are they doomed like a superheroic/supervillainous Romeo and Juliet?

Why You Should Be Watching: Despite its prominent Super Sentai trappings and extremely stiff competition, Love After World Domination is this season’s sweetest, most adorable romantic comedy. Who doesn’t love a clandestine, forbidden romance? The most anime of star-crossed lovers, Fudo and Desumi are so infatuated that they’re willing to transgress their world’s deeply ingrained social boundaries in the pursuit of true love.

Much like last season’s Miss Kuroitsu From the Monster Development Department, Love After World Domination lovingly parodies the Japanese superhero team genre, playfully inverting tropes and exposing the sheer goofiness that underpins good and evil organisations alike. Fudo is as generic a “good guy” as they come — athletic, caring, and not overly smart. Desumi is so adorable she gives Komi from Komi Can’t Communicate and Anya from Spy x Family a run for their money. Her huge, expressive eyes peeking out from beneath her comedic skull mask when in full “bad guy” costume are so freaking cute, it’s little wonder Fudo falls in love with her. She’s also monstrously, terrifyingly strong — and fully committed to her work with Gekko, partly due to loyalty to her co-workers, but also to family expectations.

Despite their apparent ideological opposition (the details of which are never overly discussed), Fudo and Desumi attempt to pursue a normal relationship, stealing moments (while their colleagues battle) to have romantic trysts, and contriving scheduled clashes at popular dating spots like the beach in order to see each other. It’s this mundane transposition of dating tropes with the heightened, cartoony and absurd superheroic spectacle that makes the show so infectiously amusing.

It stretches credulity that they can keep their relationship secret for so long, but that’s kind of the point. Their respective teammates make hilarious assumptions about Fudo and Desumi’s intentions that are usually completely wrong, but help to maintain the artifice that the formidable Reaper Princess is a terrifying monster, and that Red Gelato is an incorruptible, straight arrow without covert intentions. Each episode they teeter so close to exposure, and then something completely ridiculous occurs, and our besotted couple maintain their facade for another day.

Even if you’re not a fan of Super Sentai shows, it doesn’t matter. The humour is broad enough, and funny enough, while the central couple are such lovable, dumb goofballs that you can’t help cheering them on.

Recommended by: Alistair Hyde, Arcane, Doctorkev, Kinksy, Marquan, Reikaze, Requiem, TGRIP, umrguy42, Viking

Miss Shachiku and the Little Baby Ghost

Written by: Marquan

Genre(s): Slice of Life, Comedy

Where to Watch: Crunchyroll

Spoiler-free Synopsis: Fushihara, or Ms. Shachiku (which translates into a worker subservient to the company they work for), is forced to constantly work overtime and handle the workload of her peers. As you would imagine, doing not only her own work, but picking up the slack of most of the others in the office, exacts a heavy toll. In order to keep her from overworking herself to death, the titular ghost does all she can to get her to leave work early.

Why You Should Be Watching: It’s not an exaggeration to say that each season offers an anime that does the mind, body and soul good, and Miss Shachiku and the Little Baby Ghost is that anime. Every week, you’re treated to the adorable antics of the little ghost doing her best to get Fushihara to stop working so hard and head home for some much-needed rest. This anime features some of the cutest characters you’ll see all season, and each of them just want to help Fushihara take care of herself a little better. It’s basically a weekly dose of serotonin.

I can only speak for myself, but when you prove that you’re reliable in whatever workforce you’re a part of, more and more work tends to find itself in your lap, and that can swallow up any chance of having a healthy work-life balance, so I can relate to Furuhashi on a personal level, and this show does wonders in helping me unwind. If you’re looking for a short show full of sweet moments (even the narrator goes out of their way to call the ghosts cute), then you need not look any further! Now go watch it, or the little baby ghosts will haunt you too… Actually that doesn’t sound too bad now that I think about it.

Recommended by: Arcane, Marquan, Tenshigami

Spy x Family

Written by: Dark Aether

Genre: Action, Comedy, Slice of Life, Shonen, CLASSIFIED

Where to Watch: Crunchyroll

Spoiler-free Synopsis: Every family has its share of secrets. On the surface, the Forgers seem like the ideal family. Husband, wife, daughter. Psychiatrist, office clerk, student. Secret agent, deadly assassin and… telepath?

When geopolitical tensions rise between the nations of Westalis and Ostania, covert operative “Twilight” undertakes the most dangerous mission of his career. Adopting the persona of Loid Forger, he infiltrates Ostania as an elegant “family man” in order to get close to one of its most prominent political figures. With the success of the mission and the fate of the world resting at the hands of his newfound family, can Westalis’s top field agent become the perfect husband and father without blowing his cover? For the Forgers, playing both sides is just another ordinary day.

Why You Should Be Watching: It’s no secret that Spy x Family was my most anticipated title of the season. Having been convinced to take the plunge into the series after reading NomadicDec’s take on the source, it didn’t take long for the series to become one of my favorite ongoing manga and the beginning of my own examination of shonen’s shifting status quo. With the anime quickly gaining momentum, there will be a lot to cover in the coming weeks. For now, here’s all you need to know:

Like Bruce Wayne is to Batman, it can be difficult to tell where Twilight and Loid Forger begin and end as he effortlessly pivots between perfect gentleman and superspy. Watching him work out a simple problem analytically like an interrogation or a bomb about to go off is no doubt part of the show’s comedy genius, but what keeps Spy x Family’s gears turning is its character moments. That’s because behind his training and expertise in the field lies a hidden past — one that would shape him into the man he is today. But for all of his perfectionism and dedication to the job, the true measure of his character lies in his actions. I won’t spoil it here, but every time he “breaks” his spy persona — at the risk of jeopardizing the mission on one notable occasion — it turns personal.

As you might have guessed, that’s where the Family portion comes in. To call Anya the glue that holds this series together would be putting it mildly. Being the only person fully aware of her parents’ true identities due to her telepathy, her abundant curiosity, wild imagination, and priceless reactions bring an element of chaos to an already unorthodox living situation. Yet behind the laughter (and smugness) lies a need most children her age seek above all else: warmth, affection, a sense of belonging — in other words, a home. Rounding things out is the lethal yet eccentric Yor Briar. Whether it’s pure coincidence or the silent hand of fate guiding them, her chance meeting with Loid and Anya puts them on a collision course that’s far too wild to contain in a single episode! But when they do finally settle down into their new domestic lives, their unusual family becomes irreplaceable.

From top to bottom, there is simply no better way to put it — Spy x Family is damn good television.

Recommended by: Alistair Hyde, Arcane, Dark Aether, Doctorkev, Gugsy, Kinksy, Marquan, Reikaze, Requiem, Tenshigami, TheMamaLuigi, umrguy42

Ya Boy Kongming!

Written by: Arcane

Genres: Music, Comedy, Historical

Where to Watch: HIDIVE

Spoiler-free Synopsis: When Romance-era strategist Zhuge Liang (Kongming) is transported to modern-day Japan upon his death, he takes to the present day quickly but must search for a new “master” to serve his purpose of striving for peace. He stumbles into a dance club, where hostess and fledgling singer Eiko is suddenly asked to perform. Her voice inspires Liang to help her conquer the music world, believing that it may be the key to achieving true peace in Japan.

Why You Should Be Watching: That synopsis probably sounded absolutely bonkers, and if you’re anything like me, the mediocrity of shows like Hypnosis Mic is causing alarm bells to go off while reading it.

The thing about Kongming is, from the jump, it clicks and doesn’t let up. A strange blend of historical fiction and social media culture commentary, this show oozes charm considering the way it plays out. Kongming himself is a genius tactician who uses the same strategies he learned almost two millennia ago to manipulate the flow of “battle” and come out on top even when backed into a corner. This could make the show sound like a power fantasy in disguise, since it’s clear that even though there are stakes, Kongming has mostly everything under control and is simply waiting to reveal his plan to the rest of the characters and the audience. What elevates Ya Boy past that is that Kongming is, despite his old-school mannerism, a charming presence in the story surrounded by people slowly growing to believe in him.

Watching him navigate the wonders of the twenty-first century is a refreshing change from the fish-out-of-water story template, as the perspective mostly focuses on Eiko and while he does his thing in the B-plot. What could have been a tiresome show about an ancient man trying to figure out how to work a smartphone is improved simply by having him work things out for himself — because after all, he’s a legendary historical genius.

Eiko herself manages a lot of heavy lifting as well, feeling like the grown-up version of an idol show protagonist whose talent is noteworthy but under-appreciated, including by herself. It’s fun to watch her take risks, knowing that her strategist has a plan and that she just needs to worry about the musical side of things. Her magnetic personality crystallizes on stage into energetic performances to bouncy house tracks, but they’re not given so much focus as to get in the way of the more important context at hand.

If Love Live! is a bit too hard on your suspension of disbelief, Ya Boy Kongming! provides an excellent compromise between the idealism of a show about pursuing a creative dream and the reality that it takes a hell of a lot more than raw talent to make it in showbiz.

Recommended by: Arcane, Dark Aether, Doctorkev, Kinksy, TheMamaLuigi

As mentioned before, this article was a weeks-long collaboration by many members of the AniTAY community. Some wrote part of this article, and many took part in the voting and discussion to bring this list to life.

Contributors in Alphabetical Order:

  • Alistair Hyde
  • Arcane
  • Dark Aether
  • Doctorkev
  • Gugsy
  • Hybridmink
  • Kinksy
  • Marquan
  • Maxou
  • Reikaze
  • Requiem
  • Stinolez
  • Tenshigami
  • Umrguy42
  • Viking

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