The Promised Neverland Season 2 revealed to be an elaborate art piece by famed British artist Banksy

Apr 1 · 2 min read

Banksy has confirmed that he is behind the recent sequel to the hit 2019 anime tv series The Promised Neverland. The second season adapts the rest of Kaiu Shirai’s award-winning manga including the fan-favorite Goldy Pond arc.

“When a legendary artist like Banksy approached me to adapt my series I knew I couldn’t pass it up,” commented Shirai. “Honestly I haven’t seen the second season yet but I hope this reinterpretation will lead to the fans looking at the series in a whole new light”.

Banksy confirmed the news by posting a video to his Tik Tok account of him feeding a Deep Learning AI with chapters of My Immortal, a random highschooler’s book report on Brave New World, and a mistranslated copy of War and Peace to create the second season’s script.

“My works are known to incorporate various social themes and in this case I wanted to portray the futility of human struggle, which is exactly what I wanted the audience to experience,” said Banksy from an undisclosed location.

“I knew something was wrong when the series finale featured a rap battle between Emma and the Demons to decide the fate of the world,” said series superfan Emmafan97. “My only experience with the series is the anime but I know that there is no way they would just end things like this, with a slideshow and dozens of unresolved plot threads.”

As of the airing of the season finale, the second season became the most talked about subject on social media with fans describing it as “some kind of sick joke”, “a horror that ruins the first season”, and “the worst thing to have ever happened to me”.

“Personally I am just glad that this means I can now go read the manga to get the real ending,” said Emmafan97. “I already ordered all 20 volumes of the manga and can’t wait to experience the closure that this series actually deserves!”

You can find other pieces of Banksy’s forays into anime Absurdism in Berserk(2016), Tokyo Ghoul:re, and the recently aired Ex-Arm.


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