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Apr 1 · 3 min read

Looking at today’s top stories so you don’t have to!

A school girl reads the daily newspaper. (Screen cap: Kiniro Mosaic)
Screen cap: Kiniro Mosaic

Dateline: 2021–04–01

Anno: All-white ‘reflection’ on Gendou’s glasses was “a fortuitous mistake”

Hideaki Anno revealed today that, in the now-famous “Gendou pose” from Neon Genesis Evangelion, the lenses of Gendou’s glasses weren’t supposed to be all white, but were intended to have his eyes visible. A seemingly overlooked note during key animation, however, followed by a rushed fix, led to the now-iconic image.

Netflix to create “darker, edgier” live-action Haruhi adaptation

The streaming company announced plans to adapt the popular Haruhi Suzumiya series with live actors, to be released in early 2023. No word yet on how much of the series they plan to adapt.

Minase Inori and Yoshitsugu Matsuoka to continue to be paired up

The duo, stars of such shows as DanMachi, Sleepy Princess, and Quintessential Quintuplets, are confirmed to be slated to appear together in at least one anime per season for the foreseeable future.

Fujiwara Chika as Love Detective Chika (Kaguya-sama: Love is War)
Love Detective Chika (Kaguya-sama: Love is War)

“Love Detective Chika” spin-off to come in 2022

An A-1 Pictures spokesperson confirmed that they were working on a new series featuring fan favorite Fujiwara Chika for next year. Production on a third season of Kaguya-sama: Love is War? has been put on hold in order to complete the new series.

New contract: Yuuki Aoi must star in at least 2 isekai per year for next 4 years

The newly-crowned “Queen of Isekai” said to be “just giving the fans what they want.” No word yet on whether her performance of the theme songs was also made a requirement.

Report: Studio Trigger in talks to do Yuru Camp Season 3

According to an anonymous source at the studio, “we’ve gotten kind of tired of all the mecha and aliens and weirdness thing, and just want to try something different.”

Image of the Yuru Camp characters, with Studio Trigger logo superimposed at the bottom.
(Yuru Camp)

Hanazawa Kana to voice all female characters in her next harem comedy

Friends say that the voice actress, known for playing many characters who don’t “win” the affections of the main character, has decided that for her next ‘harem’ show, she wants to voice all of the female characters, to try and “guarantee a win for once.”

Aniplex of America to cut blu-ray, DVD pricing structures

Insiders say that customers could see prices drop by half or more of their current values. “The bean-counters did the math, and finally realized we could sell more units and make even more money, at those lower price points,” stated a person with knowledge of the situation.

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