Anito Legends v1.0.2: New Class Abilities, Daily Bonuses, Play & Earn for EVERYONE!

Jayvee Fernandez
Anito Legends
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4 min readMar 6, 2023


Hi Anitofam! We’re really stoked to announce a new update for tomorrow. This update brings a huge shakeup to the game’s meta. Since Tiyanak has been revealed with an inherent ‘Ambush’ ability, we decided to implement innate abilities per class. Apart from this meta update, we are also ready to make Play & Earn accessible to everyone, with an increased level cap to 40, allowing players at max level the ability to convert up to 40 $GINTO a day.

The game will go on maintenance tomorrow afternoon, March 7 2023. Stay tuned in our Discord channel for server updates!

Knock em back!

New class abilities

We’re giving unique abilities to each Anito class!

Sarangay — Knockback. When a Sarangay attacks, the enemy is knocked back to the adjacent position towards the back of the enemy team. (Sarangay with Ambush weapons have no effect)

Kiwig — Weight loss. -50% weight on all equipment.

Siyokoy — Critical Hit. +25% critical hit damage on all attacks.

Tikbalang — Resolute. When a Tikbalang falls, it automatically revives with 1 HP.

Tiyanak — Ambush. ‘Nuff said.

Duende — Explode. When a Duende falls, it explodes and deals 5 damage to all enemy team members.

Daily Bonuses!

As we onboard more players, we want to make the leveling experience more meaningful for everyone. Think of the daily bonuses as quick boosts to help players level up, earn more, and unlock more charms faster! To remind players what bonuses are active on that day, our mascot, Fannie K will remind them in the form of text bubbles.

x2 bonus bonanza!!!!!

Mondays: x2 PERLAS earnings

Tuesdays: x2 Heal + Revive + Crafting Material drop

Wednesdays: x2 Food item drop

Thursdays: x2 Anting-anting drop (instead of the usual 1 per day)

Fridays: x2 conversion limit (instead of the usual 40 $GINTO per day, players can cash out up to 80 $GINTO; a level 20 player can cash out 40 $GINTO, etc)

Saturdays + Sundays: x2 XP and Anito Friendship Meter ticks

Added XP to Arena and Raid Battles!

Players can now level up faster! For Arena, players earn 5XP for every battle. Winning a match gives an additional +20XP while a match draw gives +5XP. For Raid, players get +3XP for each Anito sent to battle the Raid Boss (i.e. 9 Anitos = 27 XP per Raid Battle).

Buffed Royal Armor (shoulder armor)

This shoulder armor piece now gives +75% Sleep Resistance.

Anting-Anting Visual Aid

Some players forget that they already farmed their daily Anting-Anting. We added a visual reminder near the player profile.

Level cap has been increased to 40!

You may level up your player account and cash out up to 40 $GINTO daily!

PLAY-AND-EARN is now open to everyone!!

Yes! Everyone! All you need to do is reach character level 20 and it unlocks automatically!

With play & earn unlocked, faster leveling, faster rewards, we hope to make the experience of grinding more rewarding for new and old players alike!