Equip Your Anitos With Charms In Anito Legends Early Access v0.4.3

Luie Magbanua
Anito Legends
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3 min readSep 21, 2022


Anito Legends Early Access version 0.4.3 is here, and we are adding features such as the Charm system, Epic Chests, and new battle effects!

There are many major updates for this version! So, without further ado, here is the changelog for Anito Legends Early Access v0.4.3:


  1. The Charms System is now live!
Once you unlock your Anitos Charm slots, you can equip them like regular equipment. Charms can be found via PvE boss battles or Epic Quests.

Charms have 5% drop rate in Adventure Mode Boss Battles and Epic Anito Quests. Charms are treated as regular equipment, you can access them via the Equip Screen, view your Charms inventory in Nino’s Shop and also sell them for PERLAS. Can you unlock all 6 charms?

You can sell your Charms at Nino’s shop if you need extra Perlas. :)
  • Orasyon — Increase ATK, DEF, HP by 5 if no weapon + shield is equipped
  • Anito Resbak — When a teammate dies, ultimate of Anito with this charm activates right away on the next turn
  • Anti-gravity — Reduces Anito total equipment weight by 10%
  • Covetous Hands — 10% chance to drop an additional item (Adventure Mode only)
  • Sureshot — Deal 20% less DMG but always guranteed hit (Block/Dodge is ignored)
  • Tinkerer’s Horn — Hits will play random funny horns

2. Epic Anito Quests are now available!

You can check your Anito’s quests to see if you have an Epic one available! It’s marked in RED.

These are 30-minute quests that you can send your Anito off to and will reward you with Epic Chests.

There is a 5% chance for a Charm reward when opening Epic Chests, so be sure to send your Anitos out on Epic Quests when they show up!

3. Team Comp Bonus is now enabled!

To access the team comp bonus by clicking the upper-right button on the prep screen before Adventure Mode (Pve).

Follow the daily team comp and you get bonus battle stats for your Anito team.

4. New Battle Mechanics

From L-R: 1. Deflect 2. Auto-mend 3. Reduce Damage 4. Poison Resistance 5. Burn Resistance 6. Confuse Resistance 7. Sleep Resistance
  • Deflect — Block and return attackers damage (Shields: Qi Bing Pang Pai and Kalasag)
  • Auto-mend — Restore DEF during battle, activates before the start of Anito’s turn (Body armors: Mystic Armor, Ancient Armor)
  • Damage reduction — Prevent 25% damage from melee attacks (Body armor: Royal Armor)
  • Effect Resistance — Burn, Poison, Confuse and Sleep resistance (Shoulder Armor: Mystic Armor, Ancient Armor, Mysterious Armor, Royal Armor)


  • Burn only affects DEF first before HP (starts deducting from HP if DEF is zero)
  • Poison only affects HP first before DEF (starts deducting from DEF if HP is zero)
  • Block can only prevent damage, not status effects (i.e., if a weapon with poison is used to attack your Anito, blocking will prevent damage only, poison will still be inflicted)
  • Reduced Arena Battle “moves cap” from 25 to 24


  • Weight is now visible in all Anito stats (Equip Screen, Anito Storage, Lobby, etc.)
  • Charm slots are visible in the Anito Lobby profile
  • Improved performance (for devices with lower RAM)
  • Potions and Revive items are now included in the Adventure Mode Summary


  • Fixed Wizard Staff healing issue
  • Fixed bugs on all Book status buffs

And that’s it for Anito Legends Early Access version 0.4.3!

You can purchase Anitos at our official marketplace (you need 3 to play!) and download the latest client from our official website.

Again, if you’ve noticed any bugs or issues while playing, feel free to let us know on our Discord, Twitter, or Telegram!