Game Update: 0.5.0

Jayvee Fernandez
Anito Legends
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2 min readJan 25, 2023


Hi AnitoFam! Check out this comprehensive list of updates that will go live today by 7PM (GMT+8)

What’s new in 0.5.0?

  1. PLAY-AND-EARN LAUNCH TODAY! Check out our newest NPC — Mumu! If you are already Level 20, you’ll see Mumu in the Lobby and have access to Anito Legends’ play-and-earn feature! You may now exchange your PERLAS to our $GINTO token!

2. Revised Raid Menu. We revamped how Anitos are loaded in Raid Battle Mode and we’ve made it easier to create Raid Teams. You may now load Anitos in any Raid Team individually and this will not affect the Team Loadouts in Adventure and Arena Mode!

3. Duendel appears in the Lobby every Tuesdays and Fridays now! Bili na!

4. New consumable item: ANTING-ANTING! Anting-anting is needed to cash out your PERLAS into $GINTO tokens and these are dropped in Adventure Mode Boss Towers and given to each player once per day. Players can also purchase the Anting-anting from our website!

There is a new “reload” button to refresh player data in case of problems

5. Reload player data button. We’ve added a “reload player data” button in the Settings panel for technical purposes and solving lags. If you purchase something from our website and it did not appear in your game, just click the reload button and you’re good to go!

6. All consumable items are available from the Consumable Marketplace! New prices too, now that our GINTO token is available!

Check out the Anting-Anting!

7. Increased drop rates for Adarna’s Favour, Adarna’s Blessing, Sarimanok Plume and Sarimanok Plumage on Anito quests.

8. Fixed bug on displaying Battle Points, player Ranks, etc., in the Arena and Raid Menus.

9. Fixed bug on damage reduction computations.

10. Optimized Nino’s Shop. Prevents crashing for older mobile devices.