The Anito Legends Early Access v0.4.2 Maintenance Update

Luie Magbanua
Anito Legends
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2 min readSep 6, 2022


The first patch update for Anito Legends Early Access is here! V0.4.2 is a maintenance update that fixes some issues the community has encountered since launch!

We’re incredibly thankful that on the first week of Early Access, the Anito Legends community has already given the team so much constructive feedback!

Here is the changelog for Anito Legends Early Access v0.4.2

  • Changed displayed text of “max level” instead of XP count if player gets to Level 20
  • Used ATK, DEF, HP icons on Lobby Anito info
ATK, DEF, HP stats are now icons in the Anito Legend lobby!
  • Removed Genesis effect when Anito is on a quest
  • Increased PERLAS bonus chest to 3,000
  • Changed campfire button label to “Heal + Mend”
Campfire buttons have updated text!
  • Added “No Anitos found” error message
  • Fixed URL of page opened if wallet address has no Anitos
  • Fixed sell/buy text in Nino shop popup when buying
  • Fixed Mend spells (healing HP instead of mending DEF)
Weapons that have the “Mend” ability now heal DEF instead of HP!
  • Fixed: Daemonolatria blueprint not being purchasable
  • Fixed: HP recovering every level on Adventure Mode
  • Fixed: Unable to craft any equipment using blueprint
  • Fixed: PvP players without DEF team can be battled (instant win!)

If you’re playing on Early Access and notice some bugs or issues, please do let us know on our Discord, Twitter, or Telegram!

You can update to v0.4.2 from our official website! If you want to purchase Anito NFTs to start playing the game, you can also visit the Anito Legends Marketplace!