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80 Billion View Larva (Aniverse) Lists on Binance NFT

Seoul, Korea — Being aired in 196 countries/Netflix, Larva has just reached 80 billion views. And Aniverse has listed its exclusive NFTs on Binance recently.

Aniverse will exclusively list 20 Larva NFTs on Binance NFT, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. Aniverse, which drew attention in Korea as well as from around the world by launching its own NFT Market Place and selling out the limited edition of NFT to mark the 10th anniversary of Larva on August 31, is now listed on Binance NFT, the world’s largest exchange, to accomplish the inspiring deed of entering the global market.

Limited edition NFT to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Larva has been sold out, making headlines at home and abroad, and this time expanding the Aniverse global NFT market by listing on Binance NFT, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange.

Larva, the main character of the “Larva 3D Figure NFT Artwork”, to be launched on the Binance NFT market, is the most famous animation character of Aniverse NFT and has 9.45 million subscribers and 80 billion views in global media on YouTube alone. Based on Larva’s global reputation with 95% of its subscribers being fans outside Korea, the listing on Binance NFT will provide global expansion and a long-term profit structure for Aniverse NFT. Aniverse publishes 20 types of NFT artwork of Larva 3D figures exclusively in Binance NFT and supports transactions through fixed pricing and auctions.

Through this listing on Binance NFT, Aniverse will continue to supply various NFT characters desired by huge Larva animation fans around the world, expand the global cash cow area, secure NFT initiatives in the global character market with Binance, and expand the ecosystem of Aniverse.

Compared to the cryptocurrency market, where prices fluctuate widely, the NFT market has shown an unbreakable momentum with more than $2 billion in transactions, thus being listed on Binance will truly make Aniverse a large-scale NFT around the world and is expected to provide a sustainable and stable growth strategy.

Aniverse has various animation IPs such as Larva and Dinocore and has about 13 million YouTube subscribers. The total global views are about 80 billion, and it has a social media promotion scale of 600 million people. Aniverse IP animation is being aired on multifarious channels in 196 countries, including Netflix.

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