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ANIVERSE and Studio Spring signed an MOU to expand NFT contents

ANIVERSE x Studio Spring

ANIVERSE (CEO Kim Kyung-ha) announced on the 19th that it had signed a partnership with Studio Spring (CEO Park Hyung-wook) to expand its NFT business.​

Through this business agreement, the two companies plan to collaborate on creating NFT contents of the global characters Larva and Studio Spring IP, and plan to cooperate with each other by sharing the blockchain and IP business know-how that the two companies have accumulated through long experiences.​

ANIVERSE is a blockchain and IP business-based platform for digital asset production, distribution and settlement. By producing digital contents using character IPs and other IPs in various fields, ANIVERSE is expanding its business into a global NFT project.

ANIVERSE listed tokens issued based on Ethereum ERC-20 on Bithumb exchange, and also introduced ANIVERSE NFT, its own NFT marketplace. It continues to sell out by publishing NFT artwork, minting various animation IPs owned by ANIVERSE.​

Studio Spring Co., Ltd. develops characters with a unique and differentiated concept centered on adults in the domestic character market, which is limited to infants and children, and plans and grafts a story that can be sympathized with, so that not only in the domestic content market but also in Asia. In the content market, we want to develop into a true Hallyu content company.​

In addition, Studio Spring Co., Ltd. intends to be reborn as a content entertainment company that is one step ahead by creating a one-source, multi-user business platform based on this.

The two companies will continue to cooperate in areas deemed necessary other than NFT contents to discover partnership business models.

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