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⚡️ANIVERSE Community AMA with $850 worth of ANV!⚡️

Let’s go to ask ANIVERSE questions and get ANV airdrop :)

The long-awaited ANIVERSE AMA is back!

ANIVERSE will receive pre-questions from community users for two days from 6:30pm on November 1st to 6:30pm on November 3rd.(KST)
On Thuarsday, November 4th at 3:00 PM(KST), there will be a pre-question answer session on the Official telegram of ANIVERSE.
Please feel free to write any questions you have about ANIVSERE project through the Google Form link below.

📌 Rewards for AMA Pre-Question Winner

🎉 Select 10 questions among pre-questions

🎉 $850 worth of ANV will be given to 10 users with selected questions

📌 How to participate

✔️ Task 1. Join ANIVERSE Official Telegram


✔️ Task 2. Fill out google form, ask questions to ANIVERSE

- Google Form Link:

📌 Event Period: November 1st 6:30pm — November 3rd 6:30pm (KST)

📌 Number of Winners: 10 (pre-question winners)

📌 Winning ANV: 100 ANV (each)

📌Winner Announcement Date: November 4th

📌AMA Date: November 4th, 3pm

- ANIVERSE Official Telegram:


* ANIVERSE publishes official answers to selected questions that have been reviewed internally.

Please note that information other than the official answers are not confirmed facts.

* You are responsible for any errors in ANV distribution due to personal negligence.

* Please note that if the same questions are selected, they will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis.

* For AMA related inquiries, please contact ANIVERSE_Mango of ANIVERSE’s Official Kakao Talk Channel #1 in private chat.

<ANIVERSE Official Links>




ANIVERSE is a ‘Contents Theme Park Platform’ for the world to enjoy

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ANIVERSE is a ‘Contents Theme Park Platform’ for the world to enjoy

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