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Aniverse has signed a partnership with Jcurvent

ANIVERSE has signed a business agreement with Jcurv Ent to develop a blockchain game based on character IP.

The two organizations have agreed to jointly collaborate on the following:

1.ANIVERSE makes mutual efforts to maximize the software technology utilization of the NFT platform to which Jcurv Ent’s blockchain technology is applied.

2. The two companies will work together for the development of both companies through active promotion and marketing support for game and software technology based on blockchain technology.

3. Expand educational/training opportunities for mutual exchange and quality improvement between the two institutions, such as providing technical seminars and educational programs.

4. Jointly organize and operate a working council for a detailed discussion on project promotion.

J-Curve ENT has created casual games such as Spookiz Pang, Mir DIce, and Bubble Hunter for iOS and Androids. In particular, ‘Spookiz Pang’, a bubble shooting game based on the IP of the famous animation ‘Spookiz’, which achieved 1.8 billion views on YouTube, supports 15 languages ​​and has launched a large-scale global game service.

Duda VR and Duda & Dada AR games, which will be developed this year, are LBS-based mobile AR & VR games designed to break down the boundaries between reality and virtual reality and realize the original content of content that provides enjoyment to users. Duda VR and Duda & Dada AR games were produced based on the popular IP for exploring strange animals on EBS.

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ANIVERSE is a ‘Contents Theme Park Platform’ for the world to enjoy

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ANIVERSE is a ‘Contents Theme Park Platform’ for the world to enjoy

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