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Aniverse Larva PFP NFT Ranked 1st in Trading Volume on OpenSea

Character IP-based E2E metaverse project Aniverse announced that ‘Larva PFP NFT’, which was introduced in collaboration with NFT Mania and MetaKongz, ranked first in trading volume on OpenSea, a global NFT marketplace.

According to Aniverse, Larva PFP NFT was sold out through pre-purchase, 1st and 2nd pre-sale, and public sale for two days on the 4th and 5th of March. Even a month after the initial sale, the trading is still ongoing actively. The Aniverse team is supporting the Larva PFP NFT trading volume by achieving roadmaps such as steady event planning and announcement of staking and breeding system.​

After the first minting in March, this project spurred to accomplish the project roadmap by conducting various collaborative events with other projects and opening its own events. Starting with this, donations for forest fire damage recovery have been completed, and the roadmap to show Larva x Kongz promotional ad on COEX Panorama and public transportation in Seoul will soon be achieved as well.

At the end of this month, there are plans to open Larva NFT staking service and issue Klay-based KIP-7 ANV (Aniverse Token). Detailed planning for baby Larva that can be minted through Larva NFT Breeding is also in progress. Aniverse is planning to provide additional benefits for Larva NFT holders, such as ANV (Aniverse Token) mining and staking of other projects in the future, swap service opening, and governance development.




ANIVERSE is a ‘Contents Theme Park Platform’ for the world to enjoy

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ANIVERSE is a ‘Contents Theme Park Platform’ for the world to enjoy

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