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ANIVERSE listed on MEXC Global, the global cryptocurrency exchange

ANIVERSE listed on MEXC Global, the global cryptocurrency exchange

E2E metaverse platform ANIVERSE’s own token ANV has been listed on the global cryptocurrency exchange MEXC Global (hereafter MEXC). The official trading started at 9 pm on May 21st, Korean time, and can be traded on the MEXC USDT market.

Before listing, ANIVERSE held a voting event through ‘Kickstarter’, a special program unique to MEXC Exchange. Kickstarter is a program that determines whether a project is listed or not based on the voter turnout by conducting listing-related voting before the listing of the project.

MEXC Exchange is a global exchange that has more than 6 million users in 200 countries around the world, and has grown rapidly by supporting various services such as DeFi, staking, and Kickstarter. Currently, it is ranked 19th in the exchange rankings based on Coinmarketcap, the world’s largest virtual asset information site.

ANIVERSE is an ‘E2E metaverse platform’ where you can enjoy and experience a variety of content. In the metaverse ecosystem of ANIVERSE, users can enjoy various services such as games, NFT staking, and governance and get rewards. In March, 10,000 types of Larva PFP NFTs were launched on OpenSea, the world’s best NFT marketplace, and sold out. Even after the initial sale, it has maintained a high level of trading volume based on sincere roadmap achievement and a systematic compensation plan, and achieved the 1st place in trading volume for Klaytn NFT projects.

Meanwhile, ANIVERSE launched Larva PFP NFT staking service on May 3rd. Larva NFT holders will be rewarded with the Klaytn-based token KANV by staking their NFTs. Not only that. ANIVERSE is expanding the project by launching its own swap service that allows 1:1 swaps between ANV and KANV on May 13, about a week after the opening of the staking service. Through the ANIVERSE Swap Service, users can swap KANV obtained as a staking reward for ANV and transfer it to Bithumb and MEXC, the exchanges where ANV is listed.

An ANIVERSE official said, “It is very meaningful to achieve the roadmap of listing on a global exchange. The ANIVERSE team will expand the ecosystem of the project gradually by listing on additional large global exchanges, and listing on the MEXC Global is the start of that”.

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