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ANIVERSE Monthly Report August 2021

Hi Aniones! This month, it was full of various events for our community users to participate! The biggest news would be the official launch of ANIVERSE NFT. Here, we’ve organized a brief summary of ANIVERSE’s monthly activities on August, 2021. Hope you enjoy. :)

1. News Updates

1.1) 30 August 2021. ANIVERSE NFT Open Teaser Release

: ANIVERSE released a teaser one day before the official launch of ANIVERSE NFT on Youtube.

- (English Version)

- (Korean Version)

1.2) 31 August 2021. Official Launch of ANIVERSE NFT

: ANIVERSE announced the official Launch of ANIVERSE NFT website.

2. Event

2.1) 9 August 2021. ‘Simple Quiz Event’ for ANIVERSE KaKaotalk Channel Users

: The ‘Simple Quiz Event’ for our Kakaotalk community users to participate. This event lasted from 9th August to 13th August, and total 100 users won the quiz rewards.

-Aniverse — 안녕하세요.ANIVERSE 입니다. -애니버스 NFT에 많은 관심을 갖고… | Facebook

2.2) 17 August 2021. ANIVERSE ‘Google Form Quiz Event’

: The ‘Google Form Quiz Event’ to celebrate the soon-to-come launch of ANIVERSE NFT. The event lasted for 4 days, and total 300 users got 10 ANV each.


2.3) 25 August 2021. ANIVERSE ‘User Nickname Event’

: TheUser Nickname Event’ in which users get to name the fan nickname for ANIVERSE. The event lasted for 5 days and out of 140 participants, three winners got 100, 50, 30 ANV each. The selected user nickname is ‘Anione’.


2.4) 31 August 2021. ANIVERSE ‘NFT Trading Championship’

: To celebrate the official launch of ANIVERSE NFT, ANIVERSE team held the ‘NFT Trading Championship’. The event is still going on and will last until 30th September. For more information, please click the link below and participate to win massive ANV!


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