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ANIVERSE Monthly Report August 2022

Dear Aniones! :)

The hot summer season has passed and a gentle breeze is telling us that autumn is coming. Hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather before it gets too cold! :)

There are plenty of updates for the Aniverse team to tell you as well for this month of August. First of all, we released the ‘Larva x Metakongz Limited Edition NFT’ which was the 8th roadmap for Aniverse Larva NFT project. A total of 600 NFTs were issued and were given to 10 or more Larva NFT holders free of charge.

We also held the project AMA in Huobi Global discord channel, giving away 600 USDT worth of $ANVs for those who actively participated in the Q&A session after the AMA. It was a great opportunity to see how enthusiastic the users were toward Aniverse project, motivating us to push forward!

Now without further ado, let us all dive in to check out the activities of August 2022!

1. News Updates


Aniverse Larva NFT x SLANG NFT

17 August 2022, Aniverse NFT announced the strategic partnership with XNcompany’s SLANG NFT.

XNcompany is a blockchain startup company that provides membership services. The company plans to provide slang membership NFT holders with the largest pool party in Seoul at Yongsan Dragon City Sky Beach in the future.

SLANG and Larva NFT will collaborate on promoting both projects through this partnership, planning events and marketing to stimulate community growth.

1.2) ANIVERSE releasing ‘Larva x MetaKongz Limited Edition NFT’

Larva x MetaKongz Limited Edition NFT

19 August 2022, Aniverse has announced that Larva and MetaKongz are collaborating to release ‘Larva x MetaKongz Limited Edition NFT’. A total of 600 Larva x MetaKongz Limited Edition NFTs, which corresponds to the eighth roadmap of the Aniverse Larva NFT project, will be issued and will be given free of charge to Larva NFT holders.

Aniverse has introduced a lot of interest by continuously releasing artwork sneak peeks of the limited edition NFT to their community since August 1st. On August 5th, a snapshot was taken to present the limited edition NFT, and a whitelist was assigned for minting 1 limited edition NFT per 10 Larva NFTs held. Holders can enjoy the fun of directly selecting Larva x MetaKongz collaboration characters with various attribute value combinations.

▶ ‘Larva x MetaKongz Limited Edition NFT’ minting site

▶ ‘Larva x MetaKongz Limited Edition NFT’ on OpenSea

1.3) ANIVERSE AMA on Huobi Global Discord Channel

11 August 2022, The Aniverse Project AMA was held on the Huobi Global Official Discord channel at 07:00–08:00 (UTC). The AMA was held to celebrate Aniverse listing on the Huobi Global Exchange. Q&A session was held about Aniverse project along with the quiz event for participants to win 600USDT worth of ANV airdrop.

▶ Aniverse project AMA on Huobi Global Discord

Huobi Global Discord:

▶ Check out Aniverse project AMA

2. Events

2.1) ANIVERSE Huobi Global Listing Community Event for ANV/KANV Holders : Winners Announcement

1 August 2022, To commemorate the ANV listing on Huobi Global, Aniverse team held a community event for ANV/KANV holders at the end of July. On the first day of August we announced the winners. A total of 16 holders were randomly selected and KLAY airdrops were distributed according to the amount of KLAY that each holder won.

▶ Join Aniverse NFT’s Official Discord to check out the winners list

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