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ANIVERSE Monthly Report February 2022

Dear Aniones! :)

Can’t believe it’s already the end of February! ANIVERSE team is doing the best to make the project keep moving further. Lots of great news and events for our holders are coming up and all you have to do is just wait. :)

Don’t forget that we’ve started collaborating with MetaKongz, one of the most renowned PFP NFT projects, to introduce Larva PFP NFT to the world! An official press release is to come, so be ready for updates on our Larva PFP NFT.

1. News Updates

1.1) ANIVERSE signed MOU with Talken GmbH

ANIVERSE x Talken GmbH

25 February 2022, ANIVERSE announced on the 25th that it has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Talken GmbH(hereafter,Talken), a blockchain company. ANIVERSE and Talken decided to cooperate with each other to diversify NFT contents and expand business fields through this partnership.

2. Events

2.1) ANIVERSE NFT New Year Event : Reward Distribution

9 February 2022, ANIVERSE announced that the distribution of ANV to the winners of ‘ANIVERSE NFT New Year Event’ has been completed. 2000ANV in total are safely transferred to each winner’s individual wallet.

2.2) ANIVERSE Larva PFP NFT x MetaKongz Collaboration

25 February 2022, ANIVERSE announced the collaboration between ANIVERSE and Metakongz, one of the hottest PFP NFT projects, and announced to reveal the Larva PFP NFT. More details on this issue will also be notified step by step.

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