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ANIVERSE Monthly Report June 2022

Dear Aniones! :)

Another month has gone by and it’s officially summer! It’s a sure sign of summer if the chair gets up when you do haha. Anyhow, it’s been another busy month for us at Aniverse. Here’s a brief rundown on the major events that’s happened.

Our team has signed strategic partnerships (MOU) with both HAVAH and Com2uS. HAVAH is an inter-chain NFT comprehensive entertainment platform that connects NFTs issued from each chain in various areas such as games, social, and finance. Whereas Com2uS is a Korean mobile game company that launched the first mobile game service in Korea.

Furthermore, we’ve also signed a strategic partnership with Puzzle Fantasy, an RPG-style P2E game on the Avalanche network. We look forward to collaborating with these companies to further promote NFT, and overall blockchain technology.

Now let’s get into the monthly report of June.

1. News Updates

1.1) ANIVERSE signed MOU with Puzzle Fantasy

Larva NFT x Puzzle Fantasy

3 June 2022, E2E Metaverse platform Aniverse and Avalanche-based P2E game Puzzle Fantasy signed a strategic MOU for blockchain and NFT business development.

Puzzle Fantasy is a P2E game of the puzzle RPG genre, and aims to build a blockchain-based game comprehensive platform that implements both DEX (Decentralized Exchange) and GameFi functions centered on NFT. Through this agreement, both companies will cooperate to strengthen GameFi service capabilities and promote the discovery of new models.

1.2) ANIVERSE signed MOU with Com2uS


20 June 2022, ANIVERSE signed a strategic partnership with mobile game company Com2uS, which plans to launch the C2X platform based on the decentralized protocol economy centered on the value of Web 3.0 and to open the ‘Com2Verse’, an all-in-one mirror world metaverse that connects reality and virtuality.

Through the partnership, Aniverse and Com2Us aims to expand the overall blockchain ecosystem, including NFT and Metaverse by combining Aniverse’s various character IPs and its NFT marketplace with Com2uS’ NFT-based P2E games and Com2Verse.

1.3) ANIVERSE signed MOU with HAVAH


29 June, 2022, ANIVERSE and HAVAH officially signed an MOU agreement in hopes of promoting the NFT ecosystem by providing various uses of Larva NFT through the HAVAH platform. Through this collaboration, both companies will actively review and promote various ways to cooperate in overall blockchain technology, character IP, and NFT content development.

2. Events

2.1) ANIVERSE Larva NFT Holder Food Festival Event

15 June 2022, ANIVERSE held a 「Food Festival」Event to welcome the summer. The event period was from June 17th(Fri) to June 23rd(Thurs), and a total of around 200 winners were selected for delicious food.

▶ Community Event as posted on Discord

▶ Join Aniverse NFT’s Official Discord channel

2.2) ANIVERSE Larva NFT Holder Food Festival Event : Winners List

24 June 2022, ANIVERSE announced the winners of the「Food Festival」Event where winners of the event were selected at random. Winners had the chance to win prizes varying from Korean Hanwoo Beef to gift cards. We’d like to thank everyone who participated and hope you enjoy your rewards! Look forward to more events like this in the future :)

▶ Winners List for 「Food Festival」Event

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