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ANIVERSE Monthly Report May 2022

Dear Aniones! :)

It’s already been a month since our last report! We’ve missed you guys very much and can’t wait to share with you the progress that we’ve made.

Firstly, our team has launched both Larva NFT Staking Service and Swap Service for our holders to benefit from participating in ANIVERSE ecosystem. Many of our holders are making use of those services, which resulted in the rise of FP for Larva PFP NFTs in OpenSea market.

Also, through participating in MEXC Global Kickstarter program ANIVERSE achieved additional listing on the global crypto-currency exchange other than bithumb.

Without further ado, let’s go over the monthly report of May, everyone!

1. News Updates

1.1) ANIVERSE Participated in MEXC Kickstarter Program

ANIVERSE participating in MEXC Kickstarter Program

19 May 2022, ANIVERSE announced that it will participate in Kickstarter program at the MEXC Global Exchange. The event will be held from 12:30 pm to 7:50 pm on May 20 (Friday, KST), and users use ‘MX tokens’ to participate in voting and receive an airdrop of ANIVERSE’s token ANV. When voting reaches the set goal, the project will officially be listed on MEXC Global.

1.2) ANIVERSE Officially Listed on MEXC Global Exchange


20 May 2022, ANIVERSE achieved a voter turnout of 116,498%, far exceeding the 500% required for listing on MEXC. ANIVERSE was officially listed on MEXC Global at 12:00 May 21 (UTC)!

1.3) ANIVERSE NFT launched Larva NFT Staking Service

ANIVERSE Larva NFT Staking Service

3 May 2022, ANIVERSE happily announced the opening of the Larva NFT staking service that holders have been waiting for for a long time.

Through the staking service, Larva PFP NFT holders can stake their NFTs and get KANV token as reward for participating in ANIVERSE ecosystem. Larva PFP NFTs are classified by character color, and holders can choose to stake 1, 3, 5, or 7 pools depending on the number of NFTs they have.

▶ Larva NFT Staking Service

▶ Larva NFT Staking Service User Guide

Staking — ANIVERSE (

1.4) ANIVERSE NFT launched ANV/KANV 1:1 Swap Service

ANIVERSE Larva NFT Swap Service

13 May 2022, ANIVERSE happily announced the opening of the Larva NFT ANV/KANV 1:1 Swap Service that holders have been waiting for for a long time.

The swap service allows 1:1 swapping of ‘KANV’, staking service reward and the utility token of the ANIVERSE Klaytn mainnet ecosystem, with ANIVERSE’s Ethereum-based token ‘ANV’. Holders can swap KANV to ANV using this service, and trade on Bithumb and MEXC Global exchanges where ANV is listed.

▶ Larva NFT Swap Service

Aniverse Swap

▶ Larva NFT Swap Service User Guide

User Guide — ANIVERSE (

1.5) ANIVERSE NFT Held 2nd AMA for Larva NFT Holders

2nd AMA for Larva NFT Holders

20 May 2022, ANIVERSE held the LARVA NFT 2nd AMA on Friday, May 20th at 19:00(KST).

In this AMA, ANIVERSE Team introduced the progress of the project and the progress to achieve the roadmap, shared the team’s answers to major inquiries, and finally informed holders of important project related updates. And then we went on with simple real-time Q&A.

▶ Watch ‘ANIVERSE NFT 2nd AMA for Larva NFT Holders’ on YouTube

Aniverse Larva NFT 2nd AMA — YouTube



17 May 2022, Character IP-based E2E metaverse project ANIVERSE signed a strategic partnership with K-Wave Company, which is developing a global K-Pop fan community platform, and Zetaverse, a professional NFT development and global distribution company. The companies plan to expand the scope of NFT minting from character IP to global K-Pop contents through this partnership.

1.7) ANIVERSE has succeeded in attracting investment from ‘MAMA VENTURES’, a crypto venture capital

ANIVERSE Attracted investment from MAMA Ventures

18 March 2022, ANIVERSE, an E2E metaverse platform, is proud to announce an investment from MAMA VENTURES. MAMA VENTURES, an accelerating-based crypto venture capital, is known to support ecosystem revitalization, business structure diversification, overseas expansion, etc. by signing a long-term investment contract with the project.

2. Events

2.1) ANIVERSE Community Join Event

20 May 2022, ANIVERSE held a Community Joining Event to commemorate the listing on MEXC Global. The event period was from May 20th(Fri) to May 26th(Thu), and a total of 1,000 winners were randomly selected for TRX airdrop. 32 people were selected as additional prize winners and were rewarded with gift cards.

▶ Winners List for Community Join Event

▶ Winners List for Additional Prize Event

3. Press Release

3.1) Press release on MOU with KWAVE · ZETAVERSE

애니버스·위링·케이웨이브컴퍼니·제타버스, 4자간 MOU 체결 < 생활/문화 < 뉴스 < 기사본문 — 시사매거진 (

애니버스·위링·케이웨이브컴퍼니·제타버스, 4자간 전략적 업무협약 — 데이터넷 (

애니버스·위링·케이웨이브컴퍼니·제타버스, 4자간 전략적 업무제휴 협약 체결 — ::: 글로벌 녹색성장 미디어 — 이투뉴스 (

애니버스-위링-케이웨이브컴퍼니-제타버스, 전략적 업무제휴 MOU 체결 — 아이티비즈 (

애니버스·위링·케이웨이브컴퍼니·제타버스, 4자간 업무협약 체결 — Businesskorea

3.2) Press release on Investment from MAMA Ventures

ANIVERSE Announces Investment from MAMA VENTURES (

애니버스, 마마벤처스로부터 투자 유치 < IT·전자 < 기사본문 — 넥스트데일리 (

애니버스, 마마벤처스로부터 투자 유치 — 아이티비즈 (

애니버스, 마마벤처스로부터 투자 유치 이끌어 < 경제·기업 < 기사본문 — 그린데일리 (

E2E 메타버스 플랫폼 애니버스, 마마벤처스로부터 투자 유치 — 세계일보 (

애니버스, 마마벤처스로부터 투자 유치 성공 — Businesskorea

3.3) Press release on ANIVERSE Participated in MEXC Global Kickstarter Program

애니버스, MEXC Global 거래소 킥스타터 이벤트 진행 < IT·전자 < 기사본문 — 넥스트데일리 (

애니버스, MEXC Global 거래소 킥스타터 이벤트 실시 < 경제·기업 < 기사본문 — 그린데일리 (

애니버스, MEXC Global 거래소서 킥스타터 이벤트 진행 < 경제금융 < 기사본문 — 굿모닝경제 — 경제인의 나라, 경제인의 아침! (

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