ANIVERSE Monthly Report September 2021

Oct 19 · 3 min read

Hi Aniones!

This month, we kept monitoring, issuing different series of NFTs on our Official ANIVERSE NFT website. Also, there were some ongoing events like the ‘ANIVERSE NFT Trading Championship,’ ANIVERSE x bithumb airdrop’ events. Let’s go over the traces of ANIVERSE Team this month!

1. News Updates

Introducing New series of NFTs on ANIVERSE NFT website

1.1) : 9 September 2021, ANIVERSE introduced a new NFT artwork called “My hometown is the 52nd Street sewer in New York”

-This NFT artwork is an oil-based painting from Larva animation where the background is in New York.

1.2): 24 September 2021, ANIVERSE introduced a new NFT artwork called “Larva shines wherever it goes”

-In these NFTs, Users could find ‘Hidden Treasure NFT’ that offers 1,000 ANV as a prize.

2. Events

2.1) 30 September 2021, ‘ANIVERSE NFT Trading Championship’

: From 31st August to 30th September, ANIVERSE held the ‘‘ANIVERSE NFT Trading Championship’ to mark the official launch of ANIVERSE NFT website.

2.1.1) Winner Announcement of ‘ANIVERSE NFT Trading Championship’

2.2) 15 September 2021, ‘ANIVERSE x bithumb Airdrop Event’

: On 15th, ANIVERSE partnered with bithumb, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in Korea, and opened an airdrop event for our community members to participate.

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