ANIVERSE NFT Trading Championship

Aug 31 · 2 min read

Celebrating ANIVERSE NFT launch with the amazing event. Check out our first NFT and get ANV!

A brand new ANIVERSE NFT is now in place. You can enjoy watching and buying our premium NFT artworks such as the first hand-draft of Larva!

Get NFT and Win ANV

To celebrate the opening of ANIVERSE NFT, we have prepared a heck of a reward pool.

Winners will be returning their ANVs max up to 50 % that they paid for buying NFT artworks during the event period.

As this is a straight-up trading competition, ANIVERSE is going to give prizes to the top NFT traders including the 2 holders of the highest price NFT in the market, the largest NFT holder and the hidden treasure NFT holder.

We will officially announce the final 4 winners through our Medium blog on Oct 4.

Don’t miss the chance to win the hidden treasure NFT!

A hidden treasure NFT is a secret item which will give you a chance of winning 1000 ANV.

It will be displayed with the other NFT artworks, hiding its merits until the announcement day, so even the traders themselves don’t know if they are holding the treasure to the end of competition!

Make a successful trade by buying ANIVERSE NFT on the market, and you will be automatically joined in the competition!

How to join the trading event

Step 1. Visit ANIVERSE NFT website :

Step 2. Log in to ANIVERSE NFT website by connecting your Metamask to it

Step 3. Pick the item that you want to

Step 4. Send certain amount of ANV to buy the NFT items and ETH for gas fees

Step 5. Purchase NFT items through auction or fixed-price sale.

Again you will have 4 weeks to participate and every trade you do will raise your luck of winning!

Start Trade Now :)

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