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Aniverse NFT trading platform that shared with Opensea, “Korea’s first NFT sharing platform”

ANIVERSE NFT Marketplace has become compatible with NFTs from third-party NFT markets, including the global NO.1 NFT Market Opensea. The function that supports NFTs purchased from external platforms to be traded in its own NFT market is the first feature introduced by ANIVERSE NFT in Korea.

Many of the currently operating NFT trading platforms do not support the trading of NFT tokens from other trading platforms. This is because the format of the metadata of the NFT token and the IPFS (InterPlanetary File System: Distributed File Storage System Protocol) format are different for each NFT trading platform.

In addition, there are many cases where NFT tokens are not displayed in wallets such as MetaMask, so it is often not possible to trade purchased NFT tokens. Users who make NFT transactions suffer from this incompatibility, and the coins that support transactions are limited to popular basic coins.

ANIVERSE introduced ANIVERSE NFT, which solves the limited transaction compatibility and transaction environment that hinders the growth of the NFT industry. It is compatible with NFT of Opensea and third-party NFT trading platforms, and it is a platform that enables the first NFT transaction using its own project token other than the basic coin.

Currently, all transactions within the ANIVERSE NFT platform are fee-free. In order to compensate for the limitation of gas fee that occurs on the Ethereum network and to support convenient transactions of ANIVERSE holders, the fees handled within the NFT platform are minimized.

Meanwhile, Aniverse launched a web-based NFT platform that can display and sell NFTized animation characters and various contents, including its representative IP Larva, in August. issue

An Aniverse official said, “In order to actively expand the user pool of ANIVERSE NFT, we plan to sequentially release additional functions such as swap and drop (lottery).”

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