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ANIVERSE Officially Opens ‘Larva NFT Staking and Swap Service’

ANIVERSE Larva NFT Staking Service

ANIVERSE, the E2E metaverse platform, has opened Larva NFT staking and swap service. ANIVERSE is an E2E metaverse platform where users can enjoy and experience various contents. Within ANIVERSE’s metaverse ecosystem, users can enjoy games, NFT staking, governance, and earn rewards accordingly.

In march, ANIVERSE launched 10,000 kinds of Larva PFP NFTs in OpenSea, the world’s top NFT marketplace, and they were all sold out. Since the initial sale, it has maintained a high level of trading volume through the consistent roadmap achievement and systematic reward system; and has also achieved the highest trading volume in the OpenSea Klaytn chain.

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ANIVERSE’s staking service compensates KANV, Klaytn-based utility/reward token by staking 10,000 kinds of Larva PFP NFTs. Larva PFP NFT classifies attributes with the color of characters, and holders can select 1, 3, 5, or 7 typed pools depending on the number of NFTs they have. The amount of KANV rewarded is different for each pool, and the reward rate may change in the future, depending on the votes of NFT holders through the governance system.

ANIVERSE’s swap service allows ‘KANV”, the utility/reward token of ANIVERSE Klaytn Mainnet ecosystem, to be swapped one-on-one with ‘ANV’, the Ethereum-based token of ANIVERSE. Holders can swap KANV they mined through Larva NFT staking to ANV, and trading ANV is available on Bithumb and MEXC Global, where ANV is listed.

In addition, KANV will be used as a key currency to trade NFTs at ANIVERSE’s own NFT marketplace that was launched in August last year. It will later cooperate with TUBAn, the production company of Larva, to create various uses and real demands, such as supporting token payment services of unmanned convenience store ‘Nollarva’.

ANIVERSE’s Larva NFT staking and swap service opened on May 3 and 13 respectively, and are being operated. Recently, after ANIVERSE’s listing on MEXC Global has been officially confirmed, it has drawn much attention. There was even a situation that swap service traffic has been exceeded because there were too many users.

The user guide that includes links to ANIVERSE’s staking and swap services and detailed instructions is available in the ANIVERSE white paper or the official NFT Discord channel.

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