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Aniverse releases ‘Larva x MetaKongz Limited Edition NFT’

Aniverse has announced that Larva and MetaKongz are collaborating to release ‘Larva x MetaKongz Limited Edition NFT’. A total of 600 Larva x MetaKongz Limited Edition NFTs, which corresponds to the eighth roadmap of the Aniverse Larva NFT project, will be issued and will be given free of charge to Larva NFT holders.

Aniverse has massed a lot of interest by continuously releasing artwork sneak peeks of the limited edition NFT to their community since August 1st. On August 5th, a snapshot was taken to present the limited edition NFT, and a whitelist was assigned for minting 1 limited edition NFT per 10 Larva NFTs held. Holders can enjoy the fun of directly selecting Larva x MetaKongz collaboration characters with various attribute value combinations.

The limited edition NFT gift will be provided free of charge for about a month through a separate minting site without minting fees, and transactions through NFT marketplaces such as Opensea will also be supported. Details such as the ‘Larva x Aniverse Limited Edition NFT’ minting site and guide, and links to the Opensea Collection can be found on the Aniverse Larva NFT Discord and Twitter channels.

In March this year, Aniverse launched 10,000 Lava PFP NFTs on Opensea, the world’s most popular NFT marketplace, and sold out. In May, the Larva PFP NFT staking service and swap service were launched. Holders of Larva NFT can be rewarded with Klaytn-based token KANV through NFT staking, and can trade KANV obtained from staking rewards with ANV through a swap service on an exchange where ANV is listed.

Meanwhile, Aniverse was listed on the USDT market on the Huobi Global Exchange at the end of July. Huobi Global Exchange is a large global virtual asset exchange with the 6th largest trading volume in the world (based on CoinMarketCap exchange rankings), and it is the second global exchange listing for Aniverse following the listing on MEXC Global earlier this year. As a result, Aniverse’s token ANV can be traded on various domestic and foreign exchanges such as Bithumb, Huobi Global, and MEXC Global.

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