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ANIVERSE Signs MOU with DeFiMonster for Blockchain Technology Development


ANIVERSE(CEO Kim Kyung-ha) announced on the 7th that it has signed a strategic business agreement with DefiMonster(CEO David Lee) for the development of blockchain technology and Defi business. Starting with this agreement, ANIVERSE is planning to gradually expand its business to the NFTfi and Defi sectors.​

ANIVERSE is an “E2E Metaverse Platform” that allows users to enjoy and experience various contents on the metaverse built by ANIVERSE such as Video, Game, Shopping, Defi, and DAO. ANIVERSE NFT, its own NFT marketplace launched this summer, is steadily producing NFT contents using IPs in various fields.

In addition, ANIVERSE recently developed an “import” function on ANIVERSE NFT so that NFT purchased from external platforms can be traded in its own market for the first time in Korea. In September, it was listed on the Binance NFT market and sold out all 36 types of Larva NFTs right after the release, proving its competitiveness as a global NFT project.​

DeFiMonster is a company with local Chinese development teams from IT companies such as Tencent and Google, and specializes in blockchain that has a number of experience in developing and consulting defi projects targeting Asian markets such as China and Korea.

In particular, the strength of DefiMonster is the thorough understanding of various blockchains. In fact, DefiMonster has launched several chain-based DeFi projects, and that it is possible to build a main net optimized for a specific ecosystem.​

According to ANIVERSE, “Through this business agreement, the two companies will cooperate to strengthen DeFi service capabilities and discover new business models” said ANIVERSE, “Based on the experience the two companies have accumulated so far, we will share NFT and Defi technology know-how and discover affiliated work models through mutual cooperation.”

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