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Aniverse Signs MOU with Metaverse Social Platform ISOBOX


Character IP-based E2E metaverse project Aniverse announced on the 15th that it has signed a strategic partnership for business expansion with ISOBOX, a social platform that combines NFT and metaverse.

Aniverse is an ‘E2E metaverse platform’ where you can enjoy and experience a variety of content. In the Aniverse metaverse ecosystem, users can enjoy various services such as games, NFT staking, and governance and get rewards. Aniverse recently partnered with MetaKongz, a leader in Klaytn-based NFT, and launched 10,000 Larva PFP NFTs in OpenSea, the world’s biggest NFT marketplace in March, and recorded a sold out. Aniverse has been maintaining a high level of trading volume even after more than a month has passed since the initial public sale, and was ranked 1st place in trading volume for Klaytn-based NFTs.

ISOBOX is a metaverse social platform developed by Vtok,’ a metaverse startup founded by talented people with game development experience such as Netmarble, Nexon, and Smilegate. In ISOBOX, anyone can easily express their individuality through NFT. While most existing metaverse platforms are operated in 3D, Vtok’s ISOBOX is operated in 2D so that users all over the world can enjoy the metaverse easily and in a fun way. Anyone can easily run it even with a low-end smartphone, and the app is highly responsive, so it can be used all over the world.

Aniverse and ISOBOX announced that they would carry out content and marketing collaboration for mutual community vitalization. In addition, 100 ISOBOX NFT whitelists will be presented to Larva PFP NFT holders, and a mutual NFT airdrop event is in progress. The partnership between the two companies is expected to expand into a metaverse-linked project as ISOBOX plans to offer an exclusive space for Aniverse in its metaverse platform to be opened in the future.

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