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ANIVERSE Signs MOU with PECOTOY to Expand NFT Business


On the 17th, ANIVERSE announced that it had signed a partnership with PECOTOY to expand its NFT business on the 16th.​

ANIVERSE, which possesses numerous animation IPs, including the world-famous animation character Larva, has signed a strategic business agreement with PECOTOY, the maker of ‘Paper Toy’, and plans to actively develop various NFT collaboration contents and products linked to the real manufactured product.​

ANIVERSE is a blockchain and IP business-based platform for digital asset production, distribution and settlement. By producing digital contents using character IPs and other IPs in various fields, ANIVERSE is expanding its business into a global NFT project.

ANIVERSE opened its own NFT marketplace in August and introduced various NFT contents. In addition, it was listed on Binance NFT, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, sold out all NFTs, and was on the Top Creator and Trending list, drawing attention from the blockchain and NFT industry.​

PECOTOY is a ‘paper toy’ company established in 2014 and is releasing action paper toys based on art toy. The characteristic of PECOTOY’s product is that it is made possible to move the character’s head or the joints of arms and legs. Instead of simply attaching the joints with glue or bond, magnets were used.​

The action paper toy, which can move the neck and arms using a magnet, is well received by niche customers who are looking for a unique paper toy. PECOTOY’s signature products include the popular webtoon ‘Sound of the Heart, Sandbox Friends ‘Dottie and Jamdul’, and Robot ‘Taekwon V’ character.​

ANIVERSE team said, “Based on this agreement, the two companies will continue to discover joint business models through mutual cooperation in areas deemed necessary to diversify the ANIVERSE NFT contents.”​

ANIVERSE has various character IPs such as world-renowned character Larva and Dinocore, and has a strong content power with over 13 million YouTube subscribers and a total of 80 billion views.

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