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ANIVERSE X Trill Sound MOU to ramping up the speed for the Music NFT

One of the key features of non-fungible tokens is their uniqueness. There cannot be two identical NFTs. Another feature that makes them appealing to the modern artist is versatility: Via smart contracts, NFTs can be programmed for certain automated actions, excluding the go-between in many scenarios.

An early example was the release of When You See Yourself by Kings of Leon. The album was released as an NFT in March, together with an animated cover and a limited-edition vinyl. Those who bought the bundle for $50 automatically took part in a lottery to win VIP concert seats and other perks.

ANIVERSE had signed the contract with Trill Sound to boost its business in music NFT fields. Trill Sound is a South Korean record label specialized in hip-hop music, also known as rap music.

Please look forward to ANIVERSE NFT, which will come to you with richer content due to the collaboration between the two companies!

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