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Wednesday, March 20, 2024
ANIVERSE Crypto Daily News💌

1. Defi platforms see over $5.4m in liquidations as Ethereum declines
- According to data from Parsec, a further threat of destabilization if ETH drops to $3,008 could trigger an additional $24 million in liquidations.

2. MicroStrategy now owns over 1% of Bitcoin’s total supply
- The latest purchase brings their total Bitcoin holdings to 214,246, averaging a purchase price of $35,160 per Bitcoin and cumulatively spending $7.5 billion.

3. Telegram bot BonkBot tops $250m in daily trading volume
- A Telegram trading bot for Solana-based memecoin has reached the $250 million mark in daily trading volumes, outpacing Coinbase’s entire Base chain.

4. Bitcoin slides 6%, while altcoins sparkle
- Bitcoin fell by as much as 6.5% on Tuesday, on track for its largest one-day drop in two weeks, as a wave of selling hit cryptocurrencies and other risk assets, such as stocks.

5. Binance mandates prime brokers to ramp up data collection
- Binance has imposed stricter client screening procedures upon its prime brokers, such as Hidden Road and FalconX. According to a Bloomberg report on March 19, the strategy is designed to prevent U.S. investors from accessing its trading platform.

6. Coinbase’s Allies Join Crypto Firm’s Case Against SEC
- Paradigm, the Crypto Council for Innovation, and others have joined Coinbase Inc. (COIN) in its court fight against the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). They seek to push the SEC to create specific rules for the crypto industry.

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