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The official launch of ANIVERSE NFT

ANIVERSE NFT is currently an open beta form on August 30th. ANIVERSE team plan to make gradual improvements.

ANIVERSE NFT first presents the marketplace feature, where NFT can be displayed and sold. ANIVERSE NFT marketplace supports NFT transactions by providing two services at the same time: auction and a fixed-price sale. In the Auction method, users can bid on the NFT that they want and if they win the bid, the ownership of the NFT transfers to the winner. The fixed-price method is to sell NFT to users by setting the price that sellers want.

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of Larva, which is the most renowned ANIVERSE’s IP, ANIVERSE NFT is releasing special limited 4 types of NFT content and conducting various promotions and events. In the future, it is planning to consecutively release additional features such as lottery and artist mint in order to actively expand the user pool of ANIVERSE NFT.

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