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Ankit Chhabra

This too shall pass

Long term thinking

  1. Shift to a completely natural lifestyle that is not dependent on markets or state.
  2. Showcase a living model of development that can provide prosperity and well-being for all.
  1. The key questions are — Who am I? Why am I here? What do I want to do/be? How to live? I’ll call it a success if my experiences over next few decades help me explore these questions.
  2. Acknowledge your inner life of feelings, thoughts and beliefs. You grow when your inner life is in harmony with the external world. Cultivate self-awareness and live deliberately. Make your daily context of work and relationships as your practice field.
  3. On the inside, everyone looks for clarity, meaning, belonging and growth. Don’t be satisfied by external stuff like money, power, fame and success. Treat them as distractions and not means.
  4. All learning is experiential. You can never know the difference between knowledge and wisdom. Be courageous, choose to act outside of your comfort zone. Also, you are biased by design. Proactively seek dialogue and disagreements if you are pursuing the truth.
  5. It takes dedicated time, effort and attention to achieve anything worthwhile. Don’t let your urge of looking good, being in control, or feeling right to come in the way. Stop seeking trust and respect outside; find them within. Be fearless, default to stay open.
  6. “Weekend” is a myth. “Career” is a scam. Free yourself from the cycle of maximising efficiency and productivity. Optimise for the long term and manage your energy on a daily basis. Balance your time between action, reflection, and silence. You won’t regret walking on a path that is hardest on your ego.
  7. Win over your mind and you can win over the world. Three key practices for me are — Listening and Observing, Awareness and Equanimity, Compassion & Humility. Together, they help me learn from nature and work in sync with its universal laws.
  8. What is happening at this moment right now in front of you has never occurred before. In all likelihood, it will never repeat itself again. Everything that you can or cannot see is a unique assembly of varied parts coming together. There are so many causes and conditions behind it and you are only a small but important part in this. This simple yet stark realization leaves me with mixed emotions of awe, wonder and reverence every time I experience it.
  9. Purity of heart and innocence of mind are the only things worth striving for. Realise the interdependence of everything and make compassion the basis for your actions. You will be rewarded with feelings of joy, abundance and gratitude. In all relationships, with people, ideas or things, cultivate deep connections and loose ties.
  10. Nothing lasts forever. Everything is changing all the time. Rise above the dichotomies of right/wrong, good/bad, more/less and deal with the reality as it is. This too shall pass.

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