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Reflections #0020

“In all Beginnings, dwells a magic force.” — Herman Hesse.

Beginnings are beautiful. They bring fresh energy, renewed hope and spark new imaginations. But as the clock strikes 2022, I cannot keep myself away from the dominant stories of the last few weeks.

• I am present to the imminent third wave of Covid in India. The last one took our loved ones away from almost every extended family in India.

• I am thinking about the rising global inequality. According to the recent global inequality report, the gap between the rich and the poor is wider in India than in the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Russia and France.

• I am being triggered by the social unrest of the upcoming election season. From hate speeches to false propaganda, every method in the playbook is being deployed liberally.

I can continue adding to this list at the risk of sounding cynical. But the point shall remain the same — our systems are broken, rigged or dysfunctional.

It’s in vogue to set resolutions about being better each new year. The theory of compounding says if you can be 1% better each day, you will be a completely transformed being by the end of the year. It’s mathematically proven that small but consistent actions are powerful beyond imagination.

I want to call upon your human instinct to continue to strive for growth. Combining the stubborn hope of new beginnings and the optimistic resilience of the human spirit, I invite you to think about making small changes in the systems you create with your actions each day.

Can we take small steps to correct the things we don’t like around us? It can be as simple as making attempts to find out where your food comes from beyond the neighbourhood store. You can go to a government school in your area and volunteer half a day a week to engage students in projects beyond the classroom instructions. Instead of being hooked to social media, you can attempt to strike up conversations with strangers like in old times.

The expressions can be many, but the form is similar. Being a part of the solution and not the problem, striving for minor changes and doing it consistently over some time.

The beauty of large scale systems is that you can never know how things connect and what events can create a cascading effect. Once you have done your bit, you can surrender the results and let the universe take care of the ripples of courage and possibilities that you have created.

After all, working for a more significant cause beyond ourselves, without being attached to the outcomes, isn’t that what makes life meaningful and joyful?



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