Founders of Misteria — An Introduction to the Core Team

Ahsan Dilshad
Ankots of Misteria


As the radiant rays of the sun illuminate the distant lands of Misteria, the fog dissipates, clearing the landscapes for our Ankot Tamers. As the vagueness diminishes, a thought has struck our mind. Come to think of it, we have never introduced the people behind all the magic transpiring in the lands of Misteria, have we?

Hence, today’s blog is about the founders of AoM who spend hours in expanding the horizons of the mysterious lands to provide you with the best gameplay and experience Ankots of Misteria can offer.

Ankots of Misteria was founded with a vision to make a unique game that capitalized on the groundbreaking advancements in technology emerging through blockchain to give users a truly novel gameplay experience. This experience would match the graphic and mechanical capabilities of AAA titles while also rewarding players with an immersive gameplay experience along with cryptocurrency for the time and effort they put in enjoying the game. This grand vision could only be served with a dedicated team of accomplished veterans and forward-thinking individuals from the gaming industry that would be determined to put in the work needed to make it a reality — and so we did just that.

For over a year, since its initial conceptualization, the founding team of AoM started on their quest in headhunting the best talents in the industry. In the end, we found people that were not only exceptionally talented — working on chart-topping titles such as Black Myth Wukong — but also believed in the true potential of the idea.

These are the people behind Ankots of Misteria that play a fundamental role in the creation of the game.

Amin Kreidi — CEO & Co-Founder

With a decade of experience and proven success in both investments and consulting sectors, Amin is beyond impressive in terms of research, project management and strategic implementation. He joined the Blockchain space in 2017 and has since contributed to top Crypto Exchanges and Blockchain projects in the MENA and SEA regions.

Zahid Ahmed — CTO & Co-Founder

Leading multiple startups with technological innovations, he has served as a CTO in the gaming, research and enterprise industries. He has co-founded Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain startups. As an expert in AI and blockchain-related technologies for base chains, L2 Solutions etc, he shall oversee the technical, strategic execution and operations.

Gopi Bathala — Head of Blockchain

Gopi has 9+ years of experience as a full-stack developer, with experience as a solution architect, project manager and software engineer. He has a strong background in Java, Web, and Blockchain tech stacks. Since 2013, Gopi has applied his expertise creating digital solutions and delivering mission-critical projects on time with high customer satisfaction.

Junaid Samir Ali — Head of Marketing

An entrepreneurial spirit that has made contributions to tech startups in the gaming, ecommerce and entertainment industries. His marketing and creative insights have made brands stand out in the most crowded markets. When he isn’t busy creating the next big marketing strategy, he is debating how powerful his team of Ankots really is.

Arman Jahangiri — Head of Community

A content creator and a variety streamer with more than ten years of experience on the e-sports scene. He is an accomplished influencer who has experience in management consultation, community moderation and team building. Arman thrives being a positive and diligent team member and an inspiration to the people he reaches out.

Sharjeel Idrees — Lead UI/UX Designer

Joining the project as Lead UI/UX designer, Sharjeel has previously set the artistic tone of numerous projects in the tech and gaming industries with his creative application and web-designing skills.

Ismail Kherbach — Tech Lead

Ismail joins Ankots of Misteria as Tech Lead with a strong history of developing successful projects from scratch across e-commerce, marketing, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain industries. He also boasts a Guinness World Record for contributing to the biggest hackathon in the world.

Mohammad Rafeek — Creative Director

Rafeek has successfully directed environmental designs, 3D character modeling, concept art designing and game character illustrating across various projects for over 15 years.

These are just a handful of the several hardworking individuals at Ankots of Misteria that spend their time and energy polishing every function of the game, ensuring that it is the perfect representative of and true to the Ankots of Misteria’s vision that commenced this journey.

Stay engrossed as these highly skilled individuals, the bright architects of the new digitalized world, concoct more greatness for you to enjoy.

Last but not least, don’t forget to check out the Ankot’s of Misteria’s official website. Follow us on Twitter for future updates, and present any queries that you may have in our active and amazing communities of Discord and Telegram.



Ahsan Dilshad
Ankots of Misteria

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