Token Earnings in AoM — The More, The Merrier!

Ahsan Dilshad
Ankots of Misteria


Greetings, Ankot Tamers. Welcome to another segment where we will talk about how Ankots of Misteria is just the right game for you. Ankots of Misteria will excel in its strategic gameplay, and your skills will be tested to the limits on the way to victory. However, that is not our point of focus today. Rather, our emphasis is to elaborate on the earning potential of Tamers in Ankots of Misteria.

To get things started, there are two major game modes in Ankots of Misteria — Arena Battles and Resource Collection.

Arena Battles

In the Arena Battles PvP mode, Ankot Tamers have a great opportunity to earn large sums of ANKT and LVS while battling. A massive prize pool of ANKT is awarded to players who participate in the Seasonal Ranked Leaderboards; this mode in AoM rewards the maximum ANKT to the winners. At the end of the season, the prize pool is distributed among the top 100 players, with the highest-ranked player earning the most of the lot.

Like we said before, each game in the ranked mode is crucial, as each match increases or decreases matchmaking points that determine one’s position on the leaderboard. As a result, to earn the maximum number of ANKT, one has to fight for the first position.

Tamers can earn the secondary token, LVS, in AoM’s Arena Battles through the Staking Arenas. An initial fixed fee is paid in LVS by both sides, the combination of which is the reward for the match. Unlike the Ranked Arena Leaderboard, where the prize pool is distributed as per one’s ranking, Staking Arenas strictly follow the ‘winner takes all’ rule. This mode can only be played by using LVS.

To get more in-depth details for Arena Battles in Ankots of Misteria, head over to our Medium where we upload blogs every week. Here is the link to familiarize yourself with the game mode and gameplay of PvP battles in AoM.

Resource Collection

A good chunk of ANKT can be gathered in AoM’s Resource Collection PvE mode by selling Orb NFTS and Ankot NFTs obtained through breeding at the Ankots of Misteria Marketplace. On the other hand, you can gain LVS by selling extracted Stones and captured Spirits at the Mistery Mart, an in-game resource exchange center. You can also gain additional LVS by cleansing a collection of Spirits at the Shrine. Do not confuse the Mistery Mart with the AoM Marketplace — AoM Marketplace allows Tamers to purchase, sell or exchange their Ankot, Land and Orb NFTs.

You can maximize your ANKT and LVS earnings over time in PvE by following this simple rule — synergize between the attributes of your Ankot NFT and Land NFT. This same synergy will also make your Ankot efficient while exploring the lands of Misteria. Thus, even in PvE mode, a good strategy and cohesiveness is keen to maximize your earning potential.

Fellow Tamers, if you’re unfamiliar with our PvE mode, you can read all about it in our last week’s blog here.


Last but not least, Ankot Tamers can also breed their Ankot NFTs using both ANKT and LVS. Point to be noted is that each breed will cost you LVS that will compound with every try, so the more you breed, the more LVS you will have to pay. But, as they say, no pain no gain! When two Ankots breed, a new unique Ankot is created, and you can sell it for ANKT on the AoM Marketplace or use it for your battles.

If you want to know more about Breeding in Ankots of Misteria, follow our Medium and keep up with the blogs because we will be uploading a more-detailed version of Ankot Breeding very soon!

So, folks, there you have it. These are the numerous ways you can maximize your earnings in Ankots of Misteria and have fun at the same time with the game’s compelling storyline and strategic gameplay. We are closer than ever to the launch of our tokens, followed by the AoM’s marketplace, and we don’t want anyone to miss out on the fun. Join our newsletter today for more fun-filled action packed with the latest news from the lands of Misteria. Our family of 34,000+ Tamers await your arrival on our Discord channel as well, so head over there this instant and join the bandwagon. Until we meet again!



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