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Ahsan Dilshad
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Ankot Tamers, ASSEMBLE! The Ankots all over the mystical lands are eager to be tamed and begin their quests to be with the best Ankot Tamer in all of Misteria. As our developers are soon going to launch the AoM’s in-game tokens, it’s about time we embarked on a journey together and explored the lands of Misteria.

Ankots of Misteria’s ecosystem operates on a dual-token economy and is made up of ANKT and LVS. These tokens have a variety of individual and collective use-cases in the game and its ecosystem. ANKT will be required in making NFT purchases through the in-game marketplace, while LVS will be used in making in-game purchases of resources and in-game cosmetics. The tokens will also be a key resource for breeding/summoning Ankot NFTs and staking for passive token rewards.

Today’s blog will discuss everything you need to know about Ankots of Misteria’s prime token, the Ankot Token. Continue onwards as we elaborate ANKT and shed some light on its uses in the game.

Ankot Token | ANKT

ANKT represents the primary token of AoM’s ecosystem deployed on Polygon that allows Ankot Tamers to purchase assets necessary to earn from the game. It also allows the holders to play, invest and be a part of the active community of the game and project.

ANKT will serve as the predominant currency within our ecosystem, used in our NFT marketplace and also for in-game transactions. Players can leverage ANKT in order to buy Land, Ankots and Orbs as NFTs. The primary method of earning this token is through seasonal ranking placements in the game.

The total supply of ANKT will be 700,000,000 tokens. This total token supply will be distributed as follows:


50% of the total supply of ANKT will be set for release through the AoM’s seasonal leaderboard rewards and special in-game events and challenges to encourage players to actively and consistently participate in the game over the long term.

Private Sale:

14% of the total share of tokens will be sold to investors, partners, VCs and various other stakeholders. The funds raised through this sale round will be used for audits, development of the game’s ecosystem, and maintenance and growth of the project’s ecosystem.


10% of the total supply of ANKT will be allocated to the Ankots of Misteria’s treasury in order to maintain the health and sustainable development of the community and broader AoM’s ecosystem. It will further be used for ecological construction, market promotion, business development, legal compliance, etc.


10% of the total supply of ANKT will be reserved to reward the founding team who will make several contributions in technology development, resource organization, financing, in-game design, and marketing. They will continue to contribute labour and knowledge in the construction of the ecological environment in the early stage of the project.

Public Sale:

6% of the allocated share of tokens will be sold to the general public through industry-renowned launchpads.


4% of total supply will be allocated to liquidity and will be used to provide liquidity to holders who stake their ANKT in the liquidity pool.


4% of total supply of ANKT will be allocated to advisors to partner with the best in the industry for the interests of the project.


2% of the total supply of ANKT will be allocated to the marketing of the Ankots of Misteria and to broaden its ecosystem. This share will be used in funding online and offline marketing campaigns, airdrop incentives, generating brand awareness about the project, collaborating with notable influencers and KOLs, backing community events and establishing general interest in the project.

ANKT will be unlocked and distributed over a span of 36 months through linear vesting. To know more about the cliffing and release of our tokens, visit the project’s white paper on the official Ankots of Misteria website. But you already know about that, don’t you?

We hope that today’s blog educated you about the primary token, ANKT, as we are bordering on the release of the in-game tokens. However, before we reach our final destination, there is one more stop where you will come across the secondary token of AoM, LVS. Your patience is much appreciated by all the Ankots in Misteria.

For further updates and release dates, stay tuned to our socials and connected to our Discord channel. Until we meet again!



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