Ankr Bi-weekly Update 3

Welcome to Ankr Bi-weekly! This is our third issue, and we appreciate your attention. First of all, we want to express our heartfelt thanks for your never ending support. In the past two weeks, Ankr has been working hard to improve our products, researching and developing new areas to make Ankr’s Token more applicable in the future. The User Feedback Contest launched by Ankr has received tremendous support and at the same time, has allowed us to receive various valuable feedbacks. Based on the feedbacks that we have received, we will definitely be improving our products as best as we can.


Ankr has been exploring ways to obtain more computing resources. During our previous tests, we have successfully verified that Ankr’s system can run on PCs. However, the computing power of PCs is still rather limited. Therefore, Ankr will next be looking to extend its application scenarios to more areas. With that in mind, the Data Centers with huge unutilized computing power are in our immediate consideration.

According to research from McKinsey and Stanford, Roughly 30% of servers (including standard server, hypervisors and VMs) in centers around the world have showed no signs of network, user, connection, memory or CPU activity in six months or more, and roughly 35% of servers have only showed occasional signs of activity (compute and network) <5% of the time. This means that In total, there is near 70% “non-performing” server assets! It’s not hard to understand that huge resources are being wasted in the data centers. Thus, we strive to better utilize the computing power of those “sleeping giants” using Ankr’s technology.

With the rising market needs for large processing power in the fields of pharma/bio/chemistry Industrial research, engineering & manufacturing simulation as well as Film/AR/VR rendering, low price point computation resource has become something thousands of companies are looking for. Elastically utilizing local data centers for cloud computation is truly a win-win situation. Consumers will be offered fast & cheap computation, while under-utilized data centers will gain a new revenue stream. Ankr Network will continue to vigorously research and develop new programs to apply to data centers. In the future, we believe that more wasted computing power can be utilized, thus providing more application scenarios for Ankr’s Token.


At 9:00 am on October 25, 2018 (CST), Ankr launched the “User Feedback Contest”. Up till now, the contest has been downloaded hundreds of times, and a large batch of valuable feedback has been collected. We truly wish to thank our community for the valuable feedback thus far. The “User Feedback Contest” will end at 6 am on Thursday, November 7, 2018 (CST), and the winners will be announced then. We hope that everyone in our community can continue to participate and provide us with more useful feedback.