Ankr Bi-weekly Update 2019–8

Nov 7, 2019 · 4 min read

It has been a bit quiet on the communications front in the past two weeks, mainly caused by our team focusing on the product and business development. Some of you might have noticed that we have added some really interesting names to the Ankr App Store, top-tier blockchain projects who we are integrating with and will host their nodes with Ankr or offer our solution to their respective communities. We believe this approach where we not only acquire utilization of our platform, but also achieve cross-marketing across other blockchain communities results in a great ‘win-win’ for everyone involved!

Community and business development update

On October 21st, our COO Ryan Fang had the honor of presenting Ankr to a crowd of 500+ crypto enthusiasts in Moscow at the Binance Russia Super Meetup, where he shared the stage with Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, better known as ‘CZ’. Ryan presented the Ankr business model and demonstrated live how you can deploy a blockchain node in 3 easy steps on the Ankr cloud platform.

A week after the Moscow event, Ankr CEO Chandler Song was selected to attend the Forbes ’30 under 30’ summit in Detroit, where he shared some interesting ideas with influential entrepreneurs, such as Catherine Wood, Founder and CEO of ARK Invest, who expressed a particularly bullish sentiment on Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

On the business development side, two well-known blockchain projects have joined the Ankr cloud: Lition and Vite.

Lition will utilize the Ankr cloud platform to achieve cost-effective, environmentally friendly and geographically-spread cloud hosting for their mainnet nodes, and provide their community with easy integration onto the Ankr cloud.

With Vite, we will be working on growing our mutual ecosystems by leveraging Ankr’s distributed cloud computing technology and Vite’s decentralized exchange: ViteX. Vite node hosting is already available in the Ankr App Store and the Ankr token is listed on the ViteX decentralized exchange.

But the most exciting recent development is arguably the expansion of our distributed team: we have opened our offices in Moscow, Russia, where we are now in the process of hiring engineers to work on further extending the Ankr product-suite and related deliverables. We are also adding manpower to our team in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where the focus will lie on content creation and design.

Development update

The DCCN dashboard was updated to enable payment options for the various apps in the App Store. From now on, the free trial period has expired and we will charge users for our services.

In the App Store, there are more blockchain applications available, such as a non-relay node for Algorand, a Cosmos delegator node and regular nodes for Celo, Coda and Ontology. We are constantly adding more blockchain applications to run cost-effective, geo-distributed nodes and earn rewards in the process.

Desktop wallet
The desktop wallet was updated to add more stability. This wallet is used for safely storing and transacting with Ankr Native tokens.

Ankr mobile app
The Ankr mobile application will focus on providing the easiest possible way for any crypto-curious investors to host nodes and benefit from the rewards related from doing so.

The objective is to remove all technical barriers from being able to do this, and by doing so, drive up utilization of both Ankr and of the projects who have chosen to offer their node hosting on our platform.

The app is now in its final testing phase and we aim to release both the English as well as the Chinese version before the end of this year.

See below some exclusive screenshots from the mobile app:

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The official blog of Ankr: a distributed computing sharing economy

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