Ankr Network Bi-weekly Update 1

This week marks the first issuance of Ankr Network Bi-Weekly Update. We thank you for your consistent support. Ankr would not make such progress without the help and encouragement of our community members.

About development progress

By Oct 7th, 2018, Ankr has finished the first milestone of BOINC integration. Basically, this means an SGX-compliant BOINC application can be successfully deployed to the BOINC server and an SGX-compliant BOINC work unit can be successfully executed inside BOINC client’s SGX enclaves. This is a very significant progress because, for a long period of time, BOINC is suffering from a 50% loss of computing resources in order to verify the correctness of work units’ result. With the help of TEE, now the work units can be verified through remote attestation and the result can be trusted without any replication. Besides that, the execution process now can be done inside an encrypted and isolated space which will be our first step to approach the privacy of a distributed cloud computing environment.

The next step for Ankr is to catch up on all the platform of BOINC clients to support the integration of TEE. We have finished the major development of Linux and will move to Windows next week, which is a more popular platform among the BOINC community. And also we will keep enhancing the data privacy via incorporating networking with TLS termination. And the last but not the least, Ankr will start to move more aggressively for the full peer-to-peer implementation of blockchain technology with BOINC platform.

We have finished the integration of boinc and ankr sgx application.By doing this we improve boinc in the following aspects,Guarantee computing task to run in confidential trustworthy environment.Guarantee computing task be verified by remote attestation.Guarantee computing result immutable from enclave to boinc server.A demo will be released next week.

New Partnerships

1. Matic Network

As a star project of India, Matic has always been our like-minded partner. Based on the Plasma concept, the Matic Network serves as an existing platform sidechain expansion solution that provides scalability and a superior user experience for Dapps user functions based on these platforms. Matic Network and Ankr Network will jointly research and improve the side chain expansion solutions. At the same time, Matic will be our crucial local market partner for future product launch in the India market.

2. Zeus Protocol

The Zeus protocol is a layer-2 network based on Ethereum, leveraging various core functions like identity validation, information processing(offline), intelligence and interoperability for extended computing. After analyzing more than 30 million Ethereum wallets around the world, ZeusID can provide identity analysis on the decryption chain, proving that the Zeus Protocol is supported by a wealth of Ethereum network resources and traffic data. By providing data analytics support, Zeus Protocol will help us to better understand the needs of our future users.

3. Gravity Link

Gravity — a trusted exchange platform for decentralized data computing based on PoS consensus. Its sidechains support computationally based applications (e.g. data services and data exchange) and data interactions that support external storage chains (e.g. importing data from Filecoin or sia). It realizes internal storage based on IPFS for distributed computing. At the same time, it confirms the workload by calculating the occupied memory, CPU, storage, bandwidth occupation time and workload under the the PoT mechanism (Proof of Task Accomplishment).

Having a lot in common with Ankr in technology, Gravity is like a mobile version of Ankr. The two partied will deepen their comprehensive cooperation in various aspects after establishing a comprehensive strategic partnership.

Luo Hongyu, founder of Gravity, is a former Ali cloud product expert with 7 years of experience in Ali. He was responsible for the commercialization of Alibaba Cloud data platform and data open platform product development. Zhang Guobao, the co-founder, has 9 years of working experience in Ali and was a senior manager of Alibaba Cloud. Architect Liu Weihong is a technical expert in the previous big data architecture department, responsible for the development of offline storage clusters.

Chinese Market

The Chinese market has always been one of the markets that Ankr attaches great importance to. Therefore, Ankr has just established a Chinese office in Shanghai, China, and has collaborated with Professor Chen Quan and Zheng Wenli from the Shanghai Jiaotong University Parallel Computing Research Center to research and develop distributed cloud computing technology.

Token Generation Event and Exchange Listing

Many community members have asked about token generation event and exchange listing. We have the best interest of the community in mind, and token generation event will happen at an appropriate time before reputable exchange listing.