Ankr Network Bi-weekly Update 2 + User Feedback Contest

This week marks the second issuance of Ankr Network Bi-Weekly Update and the start of our User Feedback & Advice Contest. Ankr Network cares about ultimate user adoption, so we want to make sure before the network becomes live, we take into account our community’s feedback. Ankr Network needs a large amount of future participants to contribute their idle computation resources, so we want to make sure the user experience of all contributors is fine-tuned and intuitive. This week we will start to invite interested community members to test our alpha version. You can express your interest simply by emailing and requesting an installation link. We will send interested members installation links starting this Wednesday (10/24/2018 SF time 6 pm). The alpha test version is for contributor Windows client, and we will preload sample computation task for community members to try out the contribution experience.

Development Progress

For the last two weeks, Ankr has finished the development of the Windows clients of BOINC platform and successfully created a Windows compliant sample application hosted on Ankr’s BOINC server. This example provided by Ankr is a protein folding algorithm to find the best chromosome in terms of fitness. This is a very important progress for Ankr because, without question, Windows is a much wider adopted OS and can potentially provide more computing power. We will invite all the folks who are interested to download, play with it and provide feedback.

The future work of Ankr is to shift the attention from BOINC to payment layer. We will gather what we learned from coding with Intel SGX and BOINC platform and integrate that into what have done with Proof of Useful Work consensus protocol. Since Microsoft has Confidential Computing, Ankr will first host our dedicated miners on Azure Cloud to provide the stable miners and thus establish test net and later main net.

User Advice & Feedback Contest

We need feedbacks on three questions, and please post your responses in the official Ankr Network Telegram channel to compete for one of the prizes we are giving away for the best suggestions. We will choose 5 winners for top responses and advice, one $5,000 award, two $3,000 awards and two $1000 awards. You can start posting your responses in the official Telegram channel starting this Wednesday (10/24/2018 SF time 6 pm).

1. What is your preferred client application and why? While the core technology is almost ready, smooth contribution of computing resource and client application of good user experience are important. Internally, we have thought of browser extension, screensaver, and etc. We would like to know our community’s opinion on what kind of client application you would prefer. In other words, what do you think is the best way to contribute while not feeling that it’s an extra hassle.

2. What type of computational task would you want to run on the serverless architecture that Ankr Network provides, and is there any native SDK you would like Ankr to provide in order to facilitate your development?

3. General feedback for Ankr alpha version Windows client

The contest will end at 11/7/2018 SF time 6 pm, and contest results/winners will be announced then.