Ankr Network Bi-weekly Update 4

Welcome to the fourth Ankr Bi-weekly update!

Over the past two weeks, we have been focusing on solutions for utilising idle resources in data centers and we are thrilled to share our development progress with the community.

This week also marks the beginning of the ‘Ankr Angel’ Recruitment Program, details of which can be found later on in this message, but first:

Development Update

So we’ve been working on a prototype for data centres that takes advantage of any available idle resource. Our test system allows tasks to be submitted to the Ankr Server and to manage these tasks in a limited way (View and Cancel).

This concept represents a tremendous win-win for both Ankr and that of small data center operators, by providing a solution that integrates and consolidates all of this compute power into a single logical ‘cloud’ for the consumers to utilise at a competitive rate, but also to help these small centers to remain cost effective by providing them with a way to ensure their resources are being continually put to work!

Now we have this in place, over the next few weeks we aim to further enhance this model by introducing further functionality such as Job Scheduling, User Management and Metric Monitoring and more. Also, we are working on the best way to combine the data center computing resources most efficiently across BOINC and PoUW.

‘Ankr Angel’ Recruitment

One of the greatest strengths of the Ankr project is the community; there’s clearly a great deal of commitment and belief in what we are doing, and we value the continual feedback we receive from our community members. What we’d like to do now is to ensure this community continues to grow and for everyone to feel they are really involved in the project.

To help nurture this, we’re introducing the recruitment of our Telegram-based ‘Ankr Angels’; a team of dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate individuals who will help newcomers and existing community members alike, learn about the project and keep up to date on the progress we are making.

Ankr Angels will become a major part of the team, working with us to build a healthy community and become an important and direct link to the team themselves.

An Angel will:

- Help new users by answering their questions and providing guidance

- Assist in maintaining the Ankr telegram community and organizing activities

- Provide the team with market feedback and community sentiment to keep us in touch!

Being an Angel has benefits too! They will:

- Receive rewards based on their contribution to the project

- Have priority access in a series of offline communication activities

- Enjoy privileged, direct one-on-one access to the team

- Know about official announcements ahead of the rest of the community

This initiative is now open to all — and if you want to participate, please submit your application using the following link:

We look forward to hearing from you. All the best projects have the strongest communities; it’s essential for you guys to believe in us, and understand what we are doing. Become an Ankr Angel and help us take things to the next level!