Ankr Network Bi-weekly Update 5

Welcome to our fifth bi-weekly update!

Over the past two weeks, we have made remarkable progress on technology development. Meanwhile we have planned a serious of community activities. After two weeks of selection, our angel name list has finally popped out!

Technology Development

In the past two weeks, we have migrated our implementation of Ankr’s Data Center Computing Network (DCCN) prototype to Amazon AWS and hosted our command line interface akrctl in This is the official milestone on Ankr’s roadmap related to DCCN. In the meanwhile, we are working very hard on various components on this network such as payment, billing, metering, multi-cluster scheduling and etc. Basically, we are evaluating the solution like micro-raiden, lightening network and IoT application on blockchain to form our future design. Please stay tuned for our first DCCN testing net in the near future.

The future development of Ankr Network will be much more efficient since we have our first stack of cloud solution. With the help of CI/CD tool, we can fully leverage our 20 engineers to work in parallel on his/her business logic and have much more smooth build, deployment, and testing environment on top of Docker and Kubernetes.

Community Activities

Our Ankr Angel selection campaign received wide attention and response. We received more than 100 angel applications and selected 21 outstanding candidates as our angels. They are:






















Congratulation to all the selected individuals! They will be the first batch of Ankr angels.

In the following one or two months, Ankr will hold 3 meetups at HongKong, Vietnam and South Korea respectively, and maybe more. There are two things worth mentioning: At the meetups, Ankr will conduct road show together with several major cryptocurrency exchanges. Secret gifts will be sent at the events! Please stay tuned for future discovery. Besides, at these meetups, Ankr will show the audience how to set up an Ankr node. Previously we have let the community try out the alpha test network for PCs supporting Windows and Linux. In the past month, Ankr has been working day and night to develop solutions to utilize large idle capacity in data centers. Methods of how to set small personal data centers will also be illustrated at meetups.

When we look at successful two-sided market giants like Uber and Airbnb, it’s not difficult to draw the conclusion that a sharing economy can only be successful when the supply side is firstly well established. So never too late to join us! The more computing resources you contribute, the more dynamic and robust the Ankr platform will be.

That being said, we look forward to seeing you at the meetups! Let’s witness the growth of Ankr together, and make joint efforts to create A World Powered by US!